Abstract Thoughts

T Lee 2

On October 24, from 6-8PM, at The Gallery at Kent Campus. Tonya D. Lee joins Lily Kuonen for the opening celebration of “Indirect Constructs," an exhibition of recent works by both artists.

For Lee, a Jacksonville Beach native, this exhibit marks a return to her home town and the first time she has exhibited here in five years. When living and teaching in Jacksonville, her paintings revolved around responsive abstraction. More recently, she has focused on unconventional methods of developing traditional paintings.

“In a search for a more introspective non-objective painting process, I’m focused on methods that stifle impulse, embraces boredom, and forces contemplation,” she says. "[My] work begins as drawings made while traveling. When I return to my studio the drawings are scanned and manipulated using digital software. By isolating brushstrokes, marks, and shapes, I create a digital composition that becomes the foundation for a traditional painting. The results of which is a series of paintings with echoing moments."

The impetus for a slower process came as a reaction to many years of making “quick instinctual non-objective paintings." “I want to slow down, mentally and physically, when making work. I want to settle into a painting for a longer time so intentions take precedence over instincts," she says.

Both Lee and Kuonen work in primarily two-dimensional abstract modes using a variety of materials. Color, texture, and intricate, layered patterning are aspects shared by both artists' practices. These elements are combined into often uncanny visual effects that are created via unconventional means.

“Indirect Constructs” continues through November 14, 2017. The Gallery at the Kent Campus is located at Florida State College at Jacksonville, Kent Campus, 3939 Roosevelt Blvd.