Companies with Heart 2017

Nominations for 2017 Companies With Heart have closed. We will begin accepting nominations for the 2018 list in December.

Most non-profit organizations rely on a mix of individual gifts, grants and state and federal funds. The grants, state and federal funds receive a bulk of the headlines—but it’s the individual and corporate donations that do the most. According to the National Philanthropic Trust, the largest source of charitable giving in 2014 came from individuals at $258.51 billion, or 72% of total giving; followed by foundations ($53.97 billion), bequests ($28.13 billion) and corporations ($17.77 billion). Gifts from corporations saw an increase of more than 13 percent from 2013. Locally, it seems that both those giving and those receiving are better for it.

Charitable giving is engrained in many company cultures these days, and yet there are still a handful of businesses whose level of charity sets them apart from the pack. That’s the idea behind 904 Magazine’s annual list of Companies With Heart.

What follows is the 2017 list of honorees. All have at least one thing in common—they know that forward-thinking for-profit companies can have a significant impact on non-profits. Those highlighted on the following pages take their corporate responsibilities seriously, using charity to look beyond the bottom line.

The same survey mentioned above revealed that 25.3 percent of U.S. adults volunteered with an organization in 2014, contributing an estimated 8.7 billion hours—the most hours recorded since the survey began in 2002. The total value of those hours? Approximately $179.2 billion.

Of course, a company can contribute to non-profits in a number of ways—through man hours, energy and fundraising drives. Because we believe that a company’s worth is measured in more than just revenue, our list honors businesses both large and small. For example, you’ll find Baptist Health—a large company that employs over 10,000 employees locally—has many programs that work to provide a helping hand to the community such as the Healthy for Life class which offers a free yearlong diabetes prevention program designed to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and teach healthier lifestyles. You’ll also find Sisler Johnston Interior Design, whose four employees work with Habijax Design Committee to improve housing plans for low-income homeowners.

Just as they focus on how to increase efficiency and profit margins, the following honorees consider how they can leverage their expertise for the good of the local community.

Type of Business: Specialty Staffing, Consulting and Solutions
Local employees: 1,000
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Adecco Group believes in giving back to the Jacksonville community. During 2016, Adecco Group demonstrated a strong commitment to Jacksonville by encouraging volunteerism and providing financial support to many community-focused organizations. They support employee initiatives by giving them time off (eight paid hours per year) to pursue their volunteer interests as well as supporting them through financial contributions. To ensure Adecco Group is meeting the desires of local colleagues they encourage them to provide suggestions on organizations that are near and dear to their hearts. The goal is to help make Jacksonville a better place to live, work and play by providing volunteerism opportunities to employees. The Adecco Group believes that the impact of donated dollars and time spent volunteering changes lives for the better, which in turn strengthens the community. A true indicator of success is measured by the progress and growth of the life-changing opportunities that Adecco Group colleagues provide in partnership with many local organizations.
Notable Accomplishments: Adecco participates in many activities to the benefit of the Jacksonville community. In addition to aiding the homeless through the Clara White Mission and supporting the military, employees participated in a summer fundraiser benefitting the Nourishment Network’s Backpack Food Drive program for children. Adecco and their generous colleagues donated 279 pounds of food and school supplies plus $4,000 in donations to this great cause.
Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: Each year, Adecco chooses a charity with which to work closely. This charity will also receive a large end-of-year financial donation. The global corporation has chosen Jacksonville foundation Take Stock in Children for 2017. They will also continue to support the charities with which they have an ongoing relationship.

Type of Business
: Healthcare Information Technology
Local employees: 500+
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Availity believes that charitable giving fosters a more caring and compassionate workforce, drives collaboration and trust, and enables employees to be more tolerant of rapid change—an essential skill to working successfully in cross-functional teams. In fact, Availity offers its employees paid time off to take part in volunteer efforts. Without an educated workforce, there will be a limited pool of talent and drive to grow businesses. As a company, Availity is committed to enriching local communities by contributing time and treasure to a variety of causes. Notable Accomplishments: Availity donates time and money to a number of local and national charities. The company’s most well-known charitable endeavor is with United Way of Northeast Florida’s Achievers for Life. Availity committed to a generous financial contribution, as well as a five-year sponsorship to Ribault Middle School. Achievers for Life focuses on dropout prevention, targeting sixth grade students who are at risk for academic failure. Since implementing Achievers for Life in 2007, United Way has seen measurable results—school absences decreased by 13 percent, participants’ grade-point averages improved 12 percent, and students were promoted to the next grade at a rate of 96 percent.
Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: Sponsorship and participation in the American Heart Associations’s Heart Walk, American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure. Availity will continue to support the United Way’s Achievers for Life program.

Bank of America
Type of Business
: Banking
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Bank of America’s philanthropic mission focuses on building financially stable communities by partnering with local nonprofits and organizations around the world to help support the pressing issues within each community. Bank of America’s philanthropic investments support three core priorities: housing, hunger and jobs. In 2016, local contributions, including grants made by the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, exceeded $1 million while employees donated more than 85,000 hours as community volunteers. Bank of America not only supports dozens of Northeast Florida area nonprofits with grants, the company also sponsors free events with The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens and Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, making arts and cultural experiences more accessible to the community. The company’s annual Neighborhood Builders Award, which comes with a $200,000 grant, goes to a local nonprofit that seeks to make a significant positive impact in the community. The 2014 and 2016 award recipients invested their grants in the New Town Success Zone.
Notable Accomplishments: In 2016 Bank of America awarded 11 area nonprofits the Workforce Development & Education grants totaling $133,250. The grants support nonprofits that offer employment assistance, jobs training and career development. Eight local nonprofits received a Community Development grant totaling $82,000. This money supports efforts to improve access to affordable housing and support neighborhood revitalization in Northeast Florida. Bank of America’s most prestigious philanthropic honor is the Neighborhood Builders Award. It comes with $200,000 in unrestricted funding and leadership development. With the 2016 Neighborhood Builders Award funding, Local Initiatives Support Corp. (LISC) Jacksonville will open the first Financial Opportunity Center in Florida. In 2016, volunteerism ranged from helping prepare free tax returns through RealSense for Prosperity to cleaning up and painting the 5 Star Veterans Center providing backpacks for students and to the children at Hubbard House. Volunteers logged more than 85,000 hours of community service last year.
Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: Bank of America’s major philanthropic approach for 2017 involves working with nonprofit partners that will help build inclusive pathways to economic success. They will continue to promote financial literacy and support initiatives that seek to help disadvantaged residents move out of poverty.

Baptist Health
Type of Business
: Hospitals/Healthcare Provider
Local employees: 10,000+
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Guided by a volunteer board of engaged business and civic leaders, Baptist Health is a faith-based, mission-driven, not-for-profit organization owned by the community. For more than 60 years, Baptist Health has steadfastly lived their core value of community advocacy, doing their part to enhance accessibility to quality health care for area residents at every stage of life and income level. In 2006, they formalized a commitment to community advocacy by establishing a governing body, the Social Responsibility & Community Health Committee, and dedicating executive leadership to spearhead the company's social responsibility endeavors. Since establishing this sustainable infrastructure for social responsibility, the company's team has worked to refine and align the company’s vision, strategic goals and resources in response to community health needs.
Notable Accomplishments: Baptist’s social responsibility commitment comprises one of the critical success factors for the organization and is a key area of accountability reviewed by their board. As evidenced by the 68,000 volunteer hours provided by staff in 2016 and 86 percent of senior leaders serving on local nonprofit boards, the entire Baptist family is committed to serving those in need. Nurses, lab personnel and other health professionals conduct more than 11,636 health screenings at outreach events throughout the community each year.
Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: Baptist is partnering with the Duval County school system to ensure all children have health care. They are also continuing their commitment to increase mental health by partnering with the nonprofit hospitals in Jacksonville to implement Mental Health First Aid training to 10,000 Northeast Floridians. Mental Health First Aid is an evidence-based training program that prepares people to identify the warning signs of mental illness, have a positive, non-judgmental conversation with someone exhibiting the signs for the purpose of getting them to help and provides a listing of resources available in the community. There are also plans to open an outdoor walking track at the YMCA with the completion of the new Baptist Health medical office facility located at Dunn Avenue and I-295. The Y will include a healthy living center that is open to all.

BDO USA (formerly LBA Group)
Type of Business
: Accounting Network
Local employees: 100
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: The BDO Jacksonville office has been in business for 50 years and currently includes more than 100 personnel with 35 partners, directors and managers. By volunteering their time, talent and resources, they are able to positively impact the community, while building a firm-wide culture of giving back that strengthens and inspires. BDO Counts, an employee-driven volunteer program, encourages ongoing involvement in the community.
Notable Accomplishments: BDO proudly logged more than 96 volunteer hours and supported the Dreams Come True Foundation in 2016 as their non-profit focus for the first half of the year. During the first half of 2016, LBA Steps Up formed a Dream Team for Kate through Dreams Come True. Since Kate’s passing, on November 30, 2016, family and friends have begun the process of launching the Kate Amato Foundation. All funds raised go towards fighting childhood cancer. For the second half of 2016, BDO supported The Arc Jacksonville with volunteer hours and participating in special events for the residents of The Arc Jacksonville Village. Several staff members rode on teams for the Cycle to the Shore in 2016. Employees contributed $1,247 to their fellow staff in support of their individual fundraising goals. Overall, the team raised $24,295.11 in contributions to the MS Society.
Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: BDO’s annual Week of Service is a firm-wide effort that takes place simultaneously in BDO communities across the country. 2017 will bring the Week of Service to the Jacksonville area where they plan to make a resonating impact on the community.

Bono’s BBQ
Type of Business
: Family Style Dining, BBQ
Local employees: 450
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Bono’s BBQ has always had a strong relationship with their local community, whether it is donating food to an event or recruiting their staff to volunteer for a good cause. As Mr. Joe, Owner of Bono’s, would say, “We are not in the food business, we are in the hospitality business and hospitality is the foundation of our restaurant philosophy.”
Notable Accomplishments: Bono's Pit Bar-B-Q has been involved in many charities every year. Not only does the restaurant group offer a non-profit menu through their catering department, but they also give many donations throughout the year to local schools, churches and organizations. These donations include food items, gift cards and raffle prizes for auctions. Bono’s biggest accomplishment each year is the gift card program in which they donate 10 percent of all sales for the year.

Clockwork Marketing Services
Type of Business
: Marketing, Entrepreneurial
Local employees: 8
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Clockwork Marketing Services takes great pride in giving back. They are heavily involved in the community in order to build respect, make the community a better place to live, increase company morale and enhance their network.
Notable Accomplishments: In 2016, Clockwork Marketing Services provided pro-bono public relations efforts to effectively broaden awareness of the Wolfson Children’s Hospital Annual Fundraiser—the 40th Art & Antiques Show. The annual event raises community awareness of Wolfson’s unique facility and funds state-of-the-art services, programs, equipment and facilities to provide the best health care for children in the Northeast Florida/Southeast Georgia region. The 2016 Art and Antiques Show received more than $800,000 of pro-bono public relations value to promote and market the event. The company encourages employee volunteerism by contributing two days of paid time off for each full-time employee to use for volunteer service in Northeast Florida. In 2016, individual team member contributions included serving Mission House, the Rotary Club of Ponte Vedra Beach and an Eco Tour organization.
Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: Clockwork will continue to support community organizations and charitable causes, and will encourage employees to participate in its volunteer day initiative. This year, Clockwork will contribute to the Women’s Giving Alliance by providing pro-bono PR services to promote the Women’s Collective Giving Grant Maker’s National Leadership Forum.

Crowley Maritime Corporation
Type of Business
: Marine Solutions, Transportation and Logistics
Local employees: 550
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Crowley’s philanthropic program Crowley Cares focuses and aligns employee and corporate charitable outreach in their communities, including donations of time, talent and money. The program has three branches, each designed to match and grow employee charitable contributions, provide financial support to students of maritime academies in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Central America and build volunteer-based engagement of the program.
Notable Accomplishment: Crowley Cares Match Program donation funds were over $172,000 in 2016 and have supported more than 180 different non-profits both local and national, 58 in the Jacksonville area.

CSI Companies
Type of Business
: Staffing, Recruiting
Local employees: 123
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: The CSI Gives Back program provides employees with a creative outlet to give back to their communities in a big way. CSI is dedicated to making a difference by partnering with organizations that care for those in need.
Notable Accomplishments: Non-profit partnerships in 2016 include Dreams Come True, North Florida School of Special Education, American Lung Association and The Children’s Christmas Party of Jacksonville.

CSX Transportation
Type of Business
: Freight and Intermodal Transportation
Local employees: 3,500
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: CSX believes that “People Make the Difference.” Whether organizing service days, providing leadership on non-profit boards, or donating to those in need, CSX employees make a positive impact where they live and work. CSX’s corporate social responsibility program focuses across safety, environment, health and wellness, community leadership and impact.
Notable Accomplishment: In addition to company and foundation funding, CSX supports the community by promoting employee involvement through volunteer grants, workplace giving and disaster relief match program.


Dr. Clayman’s Plastic Surgery Center & Miracle Spa
Type of Business
: Plastic Surgery Practice
Local employees: 13
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: The company encourages the teamwork of employees and their families so that they can offer their community the best services possible. Volunteers contribute their unique talents, skills, knowledge and financial resources to enable charitable organizations to continue their goals in serving community needs.
Notable Accomplishments: Donations to various food banks, sponsorship and participation in charitable events and supporting local churches and schools. The company’s charitable efforts include relationships with the City Rescue Mission, Hubbard House and the Clay County Humane Society. They have also built homes for Habitat for Humanity.
Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: Donating scarves to the homeless and partnership with Northeast Florida Women Veterans Association and City of Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services.

Duval Motor Company
Type of Business
: Auto Dealership
Local employees: 485
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Duval Motor Company’s foundation is built on five key pillars: its mission, core values, core competencies, performance standards and people. The company exists to serve others. They believe in being a good steward of the businesses they own and operate and look for strategic opportunities to grow. Second, third and even fourth generation employees choose to work with the company and they count this as a great honor. From small gestures such as acknowledging educators on Teacher’s Appreciation Day to raising money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Duval Motor Company believes in giving back to those less fortunate with time, treasure and talent. Notable Accomplishment: As a part of the Century of Service community initiative, employees collected more than 850 pounds of food to help feed more than 800 people in local communities.
Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: They will continue to actively support the Florida Chapter of the ALS Association with a goal to raise more money through fundraising efforts in support of the Walk to Defeat ALS. They will also continue to support employees’ efforts in helping local organizations, through gestures like acknowledging educators on Teacher’s Appreciation Day or collecting canned goods and food items for local food banks.

Ennis, Pellum & Associates, CPAs
Type of Business
: Accounting
Local employees: 35
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Giving back to the community has been an integral part of Ennis, Pellum & Associates, CPAs since the firm was founded in 1978. The firm runs numerous programs and activities to raise funds for and serve on board and mentoring capacities at many worthwhile community organizations and causes.
Notable Accomplishments: Ennis, Pellum & Associates’16th United Way campaign raised more than $19,000 in 2016, and employees continue to be involved in United Way volunteer activities.

Fifth Third Bank
Type of Business
: Financial Services
Local employees: 75
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Fifth Third Bank is focused on improving customers’ lives and the well-being of the community. Its commitment to the community is centered around signature programs, including L.I.F.E. (Lives Improved through Financial Empowerment), United Way, Stand Up To Cancer, outreach to veterans and fighting hunger. Employees work together to help create and sustain vibrant communities. Local teams allow Fifth Third to stay close to the issues facing its neighbors, helping to guide investments and activities. Literacy is an important word at Fifth Third Bank. Through Fifth Third’s financial literacy programs, they have been able to provide life-tools to more than 3,000 students and 1,000 adults in Northeast Florida each year. These programs incorporate topics such as basic banking, budgeting, building or repairing credit or buying a home.
Notable Accomplishments: Over the past 12 months, Fifth Third Bank has provided $3.7 million in community investments in Jacksonville. Fifth Third employees volunteered more than 600 hours in the past 12 months to provide non-profit organizations technical assistance, board service and financial empowerment. Fifth Third Bank continues to support many organizations in Jacksonville through monetary investments, board/committee service, technical assistance and volunteerism. Organizations include the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, UNCF, Wealth Watchers, the United Way of Northeast Florida, Junior Achievement, PACE Center for Girls, Riverside YMCA and the Northwest Jacksonville CDC. Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: Fifth Third Bank will continue to provide its L.I.F.E. (Lives Improved Through Financial Empowerment) programs to deliver financial education to people at all ages and stages of life. All L.I.F.E. programs will be made available in Jacksonville in 2017, including Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance, Young Bankers Club, Empower U and the Financial Empowerment Mobile.

Florida Blue
Type of Business
: Health Solutions
Local employees: Over 5,000
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Through member outreach, financial support of community health programs, volunteer efforts and sponsorship of fitness and wellness programs throughout the state, Florida Blue is committed to helping everyone in the state in their pursuit of health. Florida Blue’s mission—helping people and communities achieve better health—is the company’s reason for existence. They are committed to making a difference for Florida’s communities and to finding new ways to help the people of Florida in their pursuit of better health.
Notable Accomplishments: Over the past 12 months, charitable contributions (between Florida Blue and the Florida Blue Foundation) totaled more than $10 million for more than 550 non-profit organizations. Through the Florida Blue Volunteers program, employees collectively volunteered more than 60,000 hours to provide non-profit board leadership, fed the hungry, led and participated in more than 100 events including walks, runs and riding miles to raise funds for causes such as heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and cancer research. Volunteer time off (VTO) is time donated by the Company, up to eight hours per employee per calendar year. In 2016, their employees volunteered over 14,000 hours during the work week to serve hundreds of nonprofit organizations across the state.
Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: Continue to enable communities and vulnerable populations to improve health and well-being through impactful investments including expanding and growing the Advance Innovation and Promote Solutions in the Health System program. Continue to partner with organizations that allow the company to address social challenges and help people and communities achieve better health.

Florida Capital Bank
Type of Business
: Banking
Local employees: 138
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Florida Capital Bank aspires to offer the best for their customers and to the communities they serve, not only through products, services and technology, but also in all corporate activities. Their commitment to quality stems from their passion for improving the lives of people everywhere, through their business and actions—whether they’re helping a first-time homeowner achieve the dream of owning a home or allowing a small business to expand with a great loan.
Notable Accomplishments: In 2016 Florida Capital Bank volunteered with Junior Achievement to educate second-grade students about financial literacy. They’ve also made donations to and participated in outreach runs, like the American Diabetes Association, and built with Habitat for Humanity. The company and employees made donations to various causes, including the Joshua Watkins Memorial Tennis Tournament and Nemours Children’s Specialty Care’s Project Holiday Joy. Florida Capital Bank also allows time off for volunteer efforts, and in 2016, more than 100 employees participated in volunteer and charitable efforts. In total for 2016, employees spent more than 300 hours on charitable initiatives and donated more than $10,000.
Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: Two examples of initiatives planned for 2017 include another build with Habitat for Humanity and participation in a Nemours summer camp for children with cochlear implants.

Type of Business
: Construction
Local employees: 350
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Service is a core value at Haskell and remains very important in the communities where they live and work. The company is recognized as a philanthropic leader since they annually commit more than three percent of profits to charitable causes. In addition to providing funds, team members share their time, resources and talent with both individuals and philanthropic causes. By giving back to the communities they serve, they honor a heritage that has existed in Haskell’s culture since Preston Haskell founded the company in 1965. The goal is to make a positive impact and leave a greater legacy than that which they have inherited. Corporate giving focuses on arts, culture and education but extends to other areas. As part of the corporate philosophy of giving back, Haskell will pay up to four hours per month for volunteer time that crosses over work hours. Their employee volunteer hours exceeded 18,800 during the last year.
Notable Accomplishments: Quarterly awards are presented to employees who “Live the Values” on a day-to-day basis. This program is based on a peer nomination process and includes service to the community as a judging factor in the award. Many team members are actively involved with the ACE Mentoring which is an outreach program that mentors local high school students interested in careers focused on architecture, construction and engineering. They created a partnership with Big Brother/Big Sisters in 2011 and became the second company in Jacksonville to participate in the “Beyond School Walls” (BSW) program. BSW is a unique workplace-mentoring program that has been proven to be highly successful and their partner school has been Robert E. Lee High School for the past three years. With the program, Haskell hosts the students in their Riverside office every other Tuesday and provides educational sessions, lunch and mentoring.

JWB Real Estate Capital, LLC
Type of Business
: Real Estate Investments
Local employees: 48
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Employees at JWB Real Estate Capital are committed to improving Jacksonville for everyone. One of their core values is “Finding Better Ways to Better Lives.” This is achieved through their everyday work (which involves buying blighted properties and restoring them), and also through volunteering in the community.
Notable Accomplishments: Throughout 2016, JWB participated in events and raised money to support various charities. The second annual scavenger hunt was an effort to help support and raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Jacksonville. JWB volunteered at MaliVai Washington Youth Foundation where they read to, played with and encouraged inner city children.
Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: In addition to the charities in which the company already supports, they plan to put on a golf tournament to raise at least $40,000 for their preferred charities.

Law Offices of Farah & Farah
Type of Business
: Law
Local employees: 100
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: The community initiative, Keep Our City Safe, was developed by personal injury attorneys Farah & Farah. Year-round campaigns such as this address safety issues in a variety of ways across Central and Northeast Florida and South Georgia. From providing free cab rides home on major holidays to free bicycle helmets for children, Farah & Farah strives to serve the community at large and make their cities safer.
Notable Accomplishments: Through the KeepJaxSafe initiative free cab rides are offered on holidays and free bike helmets are given out. In 2016, Farah & Farah gave away more than 800 free bike helmets. They also provided 300 dozen donuts and 15 gallons of coffee at the 2016 Veterans Day parade to all parade volunteers as well as the veterans and military who participated in the parade. They are very involved in the I'm a Star Foundation as well as Jacksonville Area Legal Aid and the Independent Living Resource Center.
Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: Grow the KeepJaxSafe campaign by giving away more cab rides on holidays like St. Patrick's day and Memorial Day, as well as giving away more helmets. They plan to set up events at their office where children are fitted for helmets by professionals and recieve them free of cost. They also are going to do more with the ILRC and motorcycle safety.

The Law Offices of John M. Phillips
Type of Business
: Law
Local employees: 18
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Serving those in need through the thoughtful understanding and practice of the law is at the heart of The Law Offices of John M. Phillips. Through John's leadership and generosity they are involved in an event or charity nearly every month of the year. John and his team are passionate about learning, listening and giving back.
Notable Accomplishments: In 2016, the company donated school supplies to the children of Eureka Gardens, donated 20 Thanksgiving turkeys to the Clara White Mission, held a toy drive, sponsored charity events and more.
Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: The firm will continue to participate in most of the events they participated in last year. Through engagement and the people they continue to meet, they will look for new opportunities to give back to the community, stay engaged and try to help wherever possible.

The Main Street America Group
Type of Business
: Property and Casualty Insurance
Local employees: 200
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Main Street America Group is committed to making a positive impact in the communities where its employees live and work. Over the past 12 months, Main Street America Group has donated a record-level $130,000 to worthwhile causes. In addition, the company matches employees’ gifts to 501(c)3 organizations of their choice. After employees’ efforts were matched, donations reached $53,000. In 2016, Main Street America Group employees supported nearly 175 nonprofit organizations, reaffirming the company’s commitment to making a positive impact in the communities in which they work and live.
Notable Accomplishments: Through the second annual Holiday Honorarium Program, Main Street America donated $4,500 to the Daniel Kids Foundation. Through its annual partnership with United Way, the company donated nearly $85,000 to local United Way agencies. The company also conducts annual food drives and toy drives during the holiday season. Last year, employees donated one ton of non-perishable goods—enough to feed hundreds of families in need at eight local food banks. Several hundred toys were collected to benefit Toys for Tots. In total, Main Street America executives presented $26,500 to eight organizations.

Mayo Clinic
Type of Business
: Healthcare
Local employees: 5,458
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Mayo Clinic is a major sponsor of the American Heart Association in Northeast Florida and has made a huge commitment to reducing cardiovascular disease and stroke through research, educational programs and prevention. Mayo Clinic seeks to raise awareness and implement community programs that affect risk factors for heart disease and stroke.
Notable Accomplishments: Mayo Clinic has joined the AHA in community events including Healthy Training Camp and Lunch & Learns throughout the city not only to corporations and staff but to underserved populations. Mayo Clinic created a program called Wellness RX that focuses on the people in Jacksonville’s Zone 1 with the highest rates of heart disease and stroke.

Montoya & Associates
Type of Business
: Insurance and Financial Services
Local employees: 34
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: The Principals at Montoya & Associates believe in building a company culture that gives back to the community. They offer many ways for their employees to get involved and provide help where it is needed. The company has a committee dedicated to community service which is not only comprised of volunteer options, but also a chance to give back by in-kind donations.
Notable Accomplishments: Montoya and Associates participates in monthly donation drives where they assist local charities. The company collected bins of toys for sick children during Christmas in July program for Wolfson’s Children Hospital, donated more than 60 boxes filled with goodies and necessities for children staying at the Sulzbacher Homeless Shelter and participated in the 2016 First Coast Walk for Children with Apraxia—helping raise $48,672 for their cause. Last year alone, they collected and donated nearly $13,000 to local charities and programs to include Child Guidance, Monique Burr Foundation, PV Rotary, Boys and Girls Club, Seamark Ranch, HEAL Foundation and more.
Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: In 2017, Montoya & Associates have plans to continue their monthly drives to assist different charities in their local community. They also have plans to get involved with K-9s for Warriors, The Jay Fund and more. They will be supporting Seamark Ranch in their Seamark Mudder and have intentions of becoming involved with the Donna 26.2. Another initiative is to give more in the way of volunteer hours for different non-profit organizations.

Native Sun Natural Foods
Type of Business: Natural Foods Grocery Stores
Local employees: 170
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Improving people’s lives through food is a fundamental part of their mission and Native Sun works to do that through giving to food banks, providing healthy snacks to kids in the community and more.
Notable Accomplishment: Native Sun gave more than $13,000 to help community organizations and spent over 50 hours feeding kids and artists, making silent auction gift baskets, washing dogs, collecting eWaste and cleaning up the beaches. With Native Sun’s support, DIG Local Network runs three community gardens, two weekly farmers markets and after school programming at three community centers.

St. Vincent’s Healthcare
Type of Business: Healthcare
Local employees: 4,832
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: Traditional charity care covers the cost of medical care provided to people who are unable to pay for services. St. Vincent’s commitment to charity care goes much further, ensuring every patient receives personalized care that meets their individual needs and unique personal circumstances, regardless of their ability to pay. Through its community benefit programs, St. Vincent’s provides access to medical care beyond the walls of its hospitals and directly to individuals who need it most. St. Vincent’s work in the greater Jacksonville community aims to improve access to care, enhance the health of communities, advance medical or healthcare knowledge and relieve the burden on other community efforts.
Notable Accomplishments: As part of St. Vincent’s mission to care for the poor and vulnerable, St. Vincent’s has operated the Mobile Health Outreach Ministry (MHOM) for 25 years. It has successfully brought medical care to the doorsteps of those living in Northeast Florida’s poorest neighborhoods with five fully staffed mobile medical vans. In fiscal year 2016, nearly 15,000 patients were beneficiaries of this program. Services provided included patient visits, health screenings, and case management, as well as outreach services such as delivering food, clothing, and critically important medications to the needy. In 2016 St. Vincent’s received a grant from Aetna that allowed the expansion of a nine-week nutrition and wellness program for the underserved students within Duval County in grades three through five. In fiscal year 2016, over 1,800 children participated in this program.
Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: Thanks to a generous gift from Daily’s, in September 2016 St. Vincent’s unveiled an addition to its Mobile Health Outreach Ministry: a new mobile van, dedicated to dental care. The new van will begin providing dental services in 2017 to those most in need and is projected to serve over 15,000 men, women and children in its first year of operation. The mobile unit’s dental hygienist will provide preventive care services like cleanings; restorative care services like fillings; oral surgery like extractions; and sealants for children to prevent tooth decay. St. Vincent’s is thrilled to partner with the Florida Blue Foundation beginning in February 2017 to offer the very same program to the 76 residents of Barry Manor in Palatka, Florida.

Type of Business: Construction
Local employees: 250
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: At Stellar, construction is more than the bricks and mortar of great buildings—it’s laying the foundation for opportunity. In 2006, their fully integrated design, engineering, construction and mechanical services firm established the Stellar Foundation to formalize their commitment to giving back to their community. The Foundation’s mission is simple: develop an environment that supports stronger families and promotes a cycle of giving that stretches from their backyard in Jacksonville to communities around the world.
Notable Accomplishments: Last year was a monumental one for Stellar, marking the 10-year anniversary of the Stellar Foundation. By the end of 2016, Stellar donated nearly $200,000 to dozens of local and national nonprofits. In celebration of this 10-year milestone, Stellar is donating $10,000 to River Garden Hebrew Home, a skilled care nursing home in the Mandarin neighborhood. In addition to this celebratory donation, Stellar gave a holiday donation of $2,500 to Food Brings Hope. Stellar also awarded two grants to Jacksonville foundations, Food Brings Hope and Hope Haven in 2016.
Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: Stellar’s commitment to local charities will continue this upcoming year and beyond including: Collecting donations for Thanksgiving food baskets, volunteering at I.M. Sulzbacher Center during the holidays, providing backpacks and school supplies for children at Dreams Come True and encouraging employees to participate in Stellar’s “Believe in the Jeans” quarterly initiative.

UF Health Jacksonville
Type of Business: Healthcare
Local employees: 5,000
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: UF Health Jacksonville’s philosophy is to heal, comfort, educate and discover. Its commitment as a responsible, accountable steward of resources is the cornerstone of its not-for-profit mission, and as such it provides over half of all charity care in Duval County. UF Health is proud to make a difference in their patients’ lives, improve community health and well-being and contribute to the economic strength of the region. UF Health Jacksonville has been a part of Give Where You Live, Parkinson’s Disease Symposium and ongoing community support efforts, Strike Out Stroke Night and Kick Out Stroke Night, Tipping the Scale Adolescent Advocacy and Intervention Mentoring Program, Trauma prevention education and UF Health Virtual Visits. Give Where You Live is an annual, campus-wide fundraising campaign that allows UF Health Jacksonville employees to donate to the United Way, Children’s Miracle Network and/or Community Health Charities. During the 2016 fundraiser, $172,500 was raised to benefit the community, surpassing 2015’s total and setting the bar higher for the upcoming Give Where You Live drive which will commence in the spring.

VyStar Credit Union
Type of Business: Banking
Local employees: 800
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: VyStar has served the communities of Northeast and Central Florida for over 64 years providing affordable financial services and literacy to local residents and businesses. As a not-for-profit community credit union, they understand the importance of serving others and giving back. They do it every day in service to their members and local businesses. They believe that giving lifts everyone up and makes the community stronger while reflecting the overall credit union philosophy of “People Helping People.” VyStar’s “giving” strategy is threefold: 1) high dollar impact on a local level with national charitable partners like the United Way, 2) high dollar impact supporting the financial education of their communities’ high school students, and 3) lower dollar, broader local impact including the support of chambers and county fairs that assist local business, their youth, etc.
Notable Accomplishments: During 2016, VyStar’s employees raised more than $600,000 in support of the United Way of Northeast Florida, the March of Dimes and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. VyStar was also honored to receive the Impact Award for their support of Light the Night in the fight against blood cancer. Since 2011, VyStar has raised over a half a million dollars for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. VyStar’s flagship youth literacy program is their High School Credit Union Branch program, where students are responsible for and run a credit union branch within the high school. This program was introduced over 10 years ago and has brought financial literacy and the credit union experience to thousands of high school students in 11 different high schools. Two more high school branches are planned for the 2017-2018 school year in Duval County. In 2016, VyStar reached 2,717 students with their financial training programs and almost 20,000 students since 2012.
Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: Since VyStar’s employees are a critical component of its fundraising efforts each year, VyStar felt it was important for employees to have input into that decision. In addition to the United Way, VyStar employees are given the opportunity to vote on two additional initiatives for the coming year: a spring and fall campaign. VyStar employees voted to support the March of Dimes and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light the Night in 2017.
Type of Business: Digital/Websites
Local employees: 950
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: believes in going the extra mile to serve more than three million small business customers with care and compassion. They strive to help small businesses be the very best they can be and help charitable organizations in the community do the same. The company’s culture is founded upon the values of mutual respect, entrepreneurial spirit, continuous improvement, open communication, customer experience and teamwork. believes in supporting organizations that align with those values.
Notable Accomplishments: One major initiative that employees are involved with is participating in the American Heart Walk for the American Heart Association. The Heart Walk is the American Heart Association’s
premiere event for raising funds to save lives from this country’s major killers—heart disease and stroke. Designed to promote physical activity and heart-healthy living, the Heart Walk was a great way for the more than 230 employees and their families to come together and raise funds for this important cause. has supported many local charitable organizations through monetary donations, volunteer time and in-kind services. Employees also participated in the Wolfson Children’s 55K Ultra Relay event and, in lieu of additional fundraising, made “blessing bags” for each of the 55 children being honored at the event.
Charitable Initiatives Planned For 2017: will continue to make charitable contributions in many ways. They plan to focus more on their Tour Championship beneficiary, the Wolfson Children’s Hospital, to increase participation and donation from the greater Jacksonville community and to generate increased exposure of Wolfson both locally and nationally. The company’s goal is to donate more financially than ever before. Their involvement in the hospital will continue in other ways as well. In addition to her past and current position on the Wolfson Children’s Hospital Board of Directors, Roseann Duran, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, has been selected to be the chairman of the hospital’s development committee.

Wells Fargo
Type of Business: Banking
Local employees: Approximately 1,300
Corporate Philosophy on Community Giving: At Wells Fargo, caring for customers and communities is embedded in their culture. They strive to create positive, lasting impact, socially, economically and environmentally through their operations, business practices, philanthropy and community engagement. Their team members understand that small efforts can make a huge difference in their communities and they believe better is possible for everyone.
Notable Accomplishments: Wells Fargo donates money through bank grants and foundation grants to 501(c)(3) nonprofits, schools and other organizations that are focused on making their local communities a better place. Focusing on education and community development, they have a robust plan in place to ensure their financial gifts are making a positive impact on their communities. They also give in other areas, such as human services, arts and culture, civic and environment. Wells Fargo has two annual campaigns, Teach Children to Save Campaign and the Get Smart About Credit campaign, to help promote financial education for children and adults. In Florida, Wells Fargo donated nearly $13 million to more than 1,400 local nonprofit organizations and schools in 2015. During the Community Support Campaign, team members donated more than $3.2 million and throughout the year volunteered more than 90,600 hours of their time.