Quite the Catch: Allen Robinson

by Joash Brunet // Photo by Agnes Lopez

The Jacksonville Jaguars spent years trying to find an elite-level wide receiver. With the emergence of Allen Robinson, it appears they’ve finally got their man. Robinson, a second-round selection in the 2014 NFL Draft out of Penn State University, caught 80 passes for 1,400 yards and a franchise-record 14 touchdowns this past season (and scored a 50-yard touchdown in the Pro Bowl on January 31). We caught up with Robinson as he prepared to travel to Honolulu, Hawaii for the 2016 Pro Bowl on January 31.

You seem very mature on the field and off. Where does that maturity in a 22-year-old come from?

I get a lot of my even-keeledness from my dad, but a lot of it is just how I’ve learned to adjust to ups and downs in my life. I’m good at compartmentalizing things.

You grew up in the Detroit, Michigan area and went to college at Penn State. What’s been the biggest adjustment to living in the South?

The hardest thing to adjust to is how fast time seems to go by here. There aren’t really seasons here to mark time. If I didn’t check my phone to see the date, I’d have no idea what time of year it is.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in town?

For sure it’s Safe Harbor in Mayport. I’m a seafood guy, and growing up in Michigan you don’t really get the options you have here.

Is there a wide receiver that you look up to?

I’ve always loved Randy Moss. But a person who I’ve tried to learn from is Reggie Wayne. He always found a way to play at a high level.

You became a fantasy football superstar this year. Is it weird to think that there are millions of people obsessing over your statistics?

Yeah, it’s kind of weird that people are paying attention to every lit bit of news about how I look at practice, how I’m feeling. Everybody asks, “Should I start you, should I sit you?’ Even one of my friends asked me a couple of times this year after a game “How are you feeling this week?’ I’m like, if you want to ask me because of your fantasy team, just ask me.

There are some Jaguars players like Marcedes Lewis and Andre Branch who are into style and fashion. Do you have a particular style?

I’m getting there, trying to get there. I’m picking my sneaker game up. I like collecting them, especially rare ones. I probably own over 250 pairs.