Lantern Making for the Jacksonville Lantern Parade

There's only one requirement to participate in the inaugural Jacksonville Lantern Parade on April 7—bring something that glows, twinkles or shines. Some are taking the opportunity to put their creativity to good use, such as the students at La Villa School of the Arts, but large scale, made from scratch lanterns aren't quite in everyone's wheelhouse. For those who need a little assistance Jax Mag is holding a handful of lantern making classes. We'll be providing a variety of lanterns along with markers, tissue paper, glue, scissors and anything else needed to craft a unique glowing beacon.

Wicked Barley

Tuesday, March 27, 6-8 PM, $20

Craft a lantern while enjoying the views of Goodby's Creek and a tall glass of beer at Wicked Barley. Lantern, supplies and two complimentary beer tickets are included.

Winston Family YMCA

Thursday, March 29, 6-7:30 PM, $10

The YMCA will be hosting a bottle lantern making class. Supplies will be included, although participants will have to bring their own empty two liter bottle.

MOCA + Hemming Park

Thursday, April 5, 5-7 PM, $25-$30

Head to the heart of downtown and join MOCA in Hemming Park for lantern making—all supplies and a free beverage included.


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