String Together

The Civic Orchestra of Jacksonville is a group of musicians which gives amateurs who desire to play in grand classical style the chance to do so.

“We have over 60 musicians in our ensemble currently from all different ages, backgrounds and occupations but the common thread is that though many of us have decided not to pursue music performance as a career, we all still love it and want to create the communion of making music together,” says Molly Sweet, who volunteers with the group. “Up until our inception as an orchestra, this avenue for creating art did not exist for our musicians so we are eternally grateful to have each other.”

The Civic Orchestra serves another community, as well: those who might not have access to quality live performances of classical music. They’ve played at various local venues including St. Johns Cathedral, the Jacksonville Zoo, Manifest Distilling and the Jacksonville Jewish Center.

“We perform free concerts that are open to the community throughout the greater Jacksonville area,” Sweet says. “Our concerts are short, family-friendly affairs and our goal is to make it easy for members of our community who might not normally pursue live orchestra music to access this incredible art form.”

On February 25, 5 PM, the group performs a concert benefiting K9s for Warriors and the Orchestra’s Musician Scholarship Fund at Intuition Ale Works. “As a non-profit organization, our success is reliant on the embrace of our supporters,” says Sweet. “Our next objective is to make sure that we secure a place in the heart of our community.”