Friday Musicale Vintage USO Stars and Stripes Dinner and Dance

From the photos and the stories it seems that the USO really knew how to put on a dance back in the day. Friday Musicale chose that as inspiration for its third annual fundraising event Saturday, February 17.

“We gear this event to help support our free concerts.To make it fun we wanted to make it themed and went with 1940s Vintage USO Stars and Stripes Dinner and Dance. From there we decided to team up with the USO and give them a portion of the proceeds,” says Friday Musicale executive director Naomi Sheridan. “While the intention was to engage with the military community, it’s not a military event, it’s a vintage 1940s event. That was a happy time in our country.”

“We’re going to absolutely transform the venues we’ll be using. We design the inside and the outside,” Sheridan says. Think red, white and blue lights, jeeps and a dining room that looks like a mess hall, where a three-course dinner including cocktails and dessert will be served.

After dinner, attendees, who are encouraged to fashion themselves in 1940s attire, can swing the night away to big-band music by 16-piece band Fascinating Rhythm Orchestra featuring Harry and Sally. “The music of the decade is a lot of fun it’s fun. It’s get up and move music. There will be people teaching those who want to learn the dances, but you don’t have to know the moves to dance along.”