Seacoast Charter Academy

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The mission of Seacoast is to provide a student-centered education, focusing on the whole child. We want our students to develop a true love for learning by creating a positive learning environment with innovative technology and high-quality education, focused on an arts-integrated, hands-on curriculum with the overall goal of giving our elementary students a lifetime appreciation of learning and the development of their unique talents and abilities.

SCA embraces learning as a dynamic experience in which children will explore and learn core subjects of language arts, math, science and social studies through direct experience, using a hands-on, experiential curriculum with an arts-integrated focus as well as the use of integrated technology.

SCA understands all learners have different strengths and weaknesses. With these principles in mind, the SCA

curriculum aligned with the Florida Standards, approaches subject matter from multiple perspectives and includes a variety of learning activities so that every student will succeed.

9100 Regency Square Boulevard North, Jacksonville, FL 32221 • (904) 562-4780