Greenwood School

A Different Way of Teaching

A Better Way of Learning

At Greenwood School, we recognize that no two students are the same and neither are their learning styles. Therefore teachers use multi-sensory teaching methods: hands on, auditory and visual.

A rarity among schools in Jacksonville, Greenwood School is home to a remarkable natural environment. Ten acres of protected wetlands provide an outdoor science laboratory that presents students with the opportunity to interact with nature up-close and in person.

Greenwood School’s core middle and high school curriculum is enhanced with humanities courses and extra-curricular activities. The school provides a challenging and supportive learning environment to middle and high school students and all graduating seniors earn a standard diploma.

Greenwood School, founded in 1985, is fully accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools.

Academic accommodations are tailored to meet students’ learning styles and lead them from concrete skills to critical and abstract thinking.

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