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JAX_DENTAL_SPECIALISTS_2017_LRMatthew Nawrocki, DMD, MS • Richard E. Aguila, DDS, MHS

Matthew Nawrocki, DMD, MS

Education: B.S. University of Florida; M.S. in Dental Science; D.M.D. University of Florida College of Dentistry Specialist Certificate in Prosthodontics

Memberships & Affiliations: Florida Prosthodontic Association • American College of Prosthodontics Florida Dental Association • American Dental Association • Northeast District Dental Association

Richard E. Aguila, DDS, MHS

Education:  Periodontics & Implant Surgery Residency, Medical University of South Carolina; General Practice Residency, Naval Medical Center San Diego; D.D.S West Virginia University School of Dentistry 

Board Certification: Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology • Certified in Conscious Sedation, American Dental Society of Anesthesiology

Our practice is Jacksonville’s premier dental treatment facility being the area’s only multi-specialty dental practice in northeast Florida that is operated by multiple doctors who are all American Dental Association (ADA) recognized dental specialists. By combining a team approach and patient-centered care philosophy with our advanced specialty training and state-of-the-art technology, our doctors are able to successfully treat some of the most difficult surgical, full-mouth restorative and dental implant cases. The various dental specialists in our group practice include a Prosthodontist and a Periodontist. Our doctors take pride in providing the highest quality specialty care for patients all in one convenient office location. 

Dr. Matthew Nawrocki is our American Dental Association accredited Prosthodontist who practices the full scope of prosthodontics and implant dentistry. After completing his dental training, he completed his residency training in prosthodontics at the University of Florida. A Prosthodontist is one of the nine recognized dental specialties and spends 3-4 years of additional formal training in a hospital-based accredited program beyond that of dental school. Prosthodontists are responsible for the esthetic restoration and replacement of teeth and are considered the “quarterbacks” of the dental team, collaborating with general dentists, dental specialists, health professionals, and laboratory technicians to restore optimum appearance and function to your smile. Among the various treatments that Prosthodontists provide are: esthetics/cosmetics, crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, dental implants, TMD-jaw joint problems, traumatic injuries to the mouth’s structures, congenital or birth anomalies to teeth, snoring, sleep apnea, and oral cancer reconstruction and continuing care.

Dr. Richard Aguila is our Board Certified Periodontist who practices the full scope of periodontics and implant dentistry. He completed his residency training in periodontics and dental implant surgery at the Medical University of South Carolina. A periodontist completes three additional years of residency training beyond dental school. Periodontists are specialists in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect the supporting structures (gum tissue and bone) around the teeth and the surgical placement and maintenance of dental implants.

Dr. Aguila’s areas of expertise include both traditional and minimally invasive laser-assisted periodontal surgery to help patients save their teeth, all aspects of dental implant surgery, including advanced bone grafting and sinus

grafting, cosmetic periodontal plastic surgery for smile enhancement (gum grafts and gum lifts) and oral and intravenous conscious sedation to maximize the comfort of his patients. Dr. Aguila truly enjoys treating the most complex and challenging cases with Dr. Nawrocki, as well as collaborating with some of the finest dentists in northeast Florida through the traditional, referral based side of his practice.

Our doctors at Jacksonville Dental Specialists have been certified as the exclusive provider of HYBRIDGE™ in northeast Florida and southeast Georgia. Our full-arch HYBRIDGE™ is a patented dental implant supported fixed prosthesis that replaces up to 12 teeth in the upper or lower jaw in far less time and at far less the expense than the traditional fixed implant prosthesis. The HYBRIDGE™ treatment protocol has allowed our doctors to perform more full-mouth, implant supported restorations than any other dental practice in northeast Florida during the past four years.

Dr. Nawrocki and Dr. Aguila are both very passionate about patient education and currently co-host a weekly dental health and wellness segment called “Dental Health Watch” on First Coast Living on WTLV 12. The doctors further promote dental wellness in the community by providing free monthly patient education seminars to help patients understand the various dental treatment options available to them today in dentistry. 

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