Baking Power

Golden Bakery


// by Emily Bailey

These days, neighborhood bakeries don’t just offer simple cookies and cakes. Instead, bakers are striving to create outrageous, inventive delicacies that jump far outside the box. The Golden Bakery, for example, recently introduced a Whoopie Cookie Toffee Bite—buttercream stuffed with chunks of Amelia Toffee sandwiched between a whoopie pie and a chocolate chip cookie. “I think it’s huge to have a product to make you stand out. It’s vital. It also helps having new and interesting things like this to post on social media. A majority of people come in and say ‘I saw you on social media,’” says Golden Bakery co-owner Amy McDaniels. It’s always been essential that baked treats taste delicious. Now they have to be visionary, too!