ArtRepublic Exhibition

ArtRepublic hosts a 12-day art exhibition featuring innovations in public art, fashion design, philosophy and techism which is about creating human culture in a digital age and the true role of an artist in society.

Techism Exhibition Week

Guests are invited to experience the powerful effects of art, presence and meditation by stopping by the Techism Exhibition throughout November 3-11. Coalesse has provided furniture specifically designed to empower creative collaboration and enliven wellbeing throughout the exhibit space. Come by for a midday break, a staff meeting, to meet the artists or to meditate.

Headlining the exhibition is artist Miguel Chevalier. Chevalier’s huge virtual light curtain twists, moves and resizes to create diverse and complex shapes. The surface is deformed to generate the abstract landscapes of a living universe which is constantly evolving. Visitors are invited to interact with this kaleidoscopic installation to give an experience which symbolizes the infinity of Nature and Creation and which transforms the space into a world of connexion and constellations. Other artists include Krista Kim, Fabian Forban and REO.

ArtRepublic Lecture Series

It has always been the artists, creators and philosophers who allow viewers to reach new heights. They pull the future into the physical, aiding in upgrading current viewpoints and ways of life. ArtRepublic celebrates their role and contribution to society in the Lecture Series.

Guest can expect an evening of culture and education lead by industry professionals. The conversation of how the future of brand and artist collaborations come together for a deeper message than just advertising.

Fashion Design Gala presented by Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder presents the annual Fashion Design Gala. New York City based designer Alex Vinash will unveil his new Spring Collection 2018 SS. This black-tie affair takes place at the historic Prime Osborn Convention Center. Glenfiddich will provide craft cocktails for the night as you walk through our one of a kind design exhibit featuring poetry by Quin McGlaughlin, sculptures by Gerald Liliard and fashion photography by Toni Smailajic.