904-tix-logoFor more than 30 years, Jacksonville Magazine has hosted, sponsored and promoted countless fundraisers, artistic performances and special events all across northeast Florida. We have expanded our community outreach in an exciting new way. In the summer of 2016, Jacksonville Magazine launched 904TIX.com, a local website where organizations can sell tickets for almost any event imaginable.

There are many benefits to selling your tickets through 904TIX.com, including complimentary promotions via our website, newsletters and social media. In addition, since multiple local events will be on one site, consumers will see your event even if they’re searching for another. Perhaps the best part about 904TIX.com is that it is offered at NO COST to our partner organizations. No one-time payment, no sign-up fees, no charge whatsoever.

Whether we’re easing some of the customer service load or giving you that marketing push your events need to succeed, 904TIX.com and the whole Jacksonville Magazine family is here for you, just as we have been since 1983.

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904TIX – 2017 Year in Review

300+ events hosted

7,300+ individual buyers

16,000+ tickets sold

100,000+ site visitors

Start selling today! Ask me how.

Mandy Niesen - mandy@jacksonvillemag.com

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