Get Spooked

Full Ghost - Hogans photoGary Sass of Ad Lib Tours knows Northeast Florida in and out—and he believes it’s haunted. One night, Sass was giving a ghost tour of St. Augustine, telling the story of Athalia Lindsley, a former model and TV personality who was stabbed on the front steps of her home in 1974. “I’m more of a historian, so I tell these murder mystery kind of things—real things that happened. I go to the house where Lindsley’s murder took place,” he recalls. “I get about halfway through the story and there is a loud smash. The windows were smashed in the car in front of us… I had seven people people facing that car, and none of them saw anyone. They were freaked out. I drove away, and I'm about to continue with another story but the guests said, ‘No, take us home. We’re done. We wanted to be scared and we’re scared.’”

Like any true believer, Sass has had several encounters like this. And it’s not just the Oldest City. “I know of things that have happened in [Downtown Jacksonville] buildings,” he says. “The Carling Hotel, a number of horrific things have happened there. People probably don’t like me telling those stories.”

Oh, but we do, particularly when the calendar closes in on Halloween. Have an otherworldly encounter yourself on one of these local haunted tours this Halloween:

Jacksonville’s River City Haunts Downtown Jacksonville, $15.
Amelia Island Ghost Tours Amelia Island, $20.
Ghosts and Gravestones St. Augustine, $25-$28.
Secrets of St. Augustine St. Augustine, $16.
Dark of the Moon Tour St. Augustine, $25.
Haunted Pub Crawl St. Augustine, $20.
Ripley’s Ghost Train Adventure St. Augustine, $24.