Secret Supper: Rue Saint-Marc

On Sunday, September 24, 50 lucky diners experienced the inaugural Secret Supper at Rue Saint-Marc. Guests started on the patio and were served a Dahlia Blossom cocktail. Much to the surprise of everyone in attendance, Napoleon Bonaparte arrived on horseback to kick off the evening with a champagne toast in honor of the night's theme, French empire cuisine. The first course was a warm beet salad and paired with rosé, Marquis de Goulaine "La Roseraie." The second course was a crisp duck confit paired with a Plum Dandy cocktail. The third course was a salmon coulibiac paired with Serol "Les Originelles." The fourth course—fittingly dubbed "The Napoleon"—was a burnt honey pastry cream with walnut baklava caramel, black tea powder and cardamom. Chef Scott and mixologist Gabby Saul provided a brief background and explanation for each course choice including their location of inspiration.

Our second Secret Supper takes place October 29, 6 PM at Gilbert's Social.