Black Out

Blackout yellow 2

// by Emily Bailey

Within any text, among the established narrative, one can tell a story of one's own using blackout poetry.

“You take an old book page that was going to be trashed because it was in bad condition and find a poem within the page,” explains Jennifer O’Donnell of Chamblin’s Uptown. It’s like a word search, except there’s no right answers to find.  

“People do it differently—some people circle the words that comprise their poem, some black out the page leaving just the words they’ve chosen, some put designs around their words.”

There is a blackout poetry workshop the last Wednesday of every month, including tonight, at Chamblin’s Uptown from 6:30-7:30 PM. The event is free and all are welcome. It’s sponsored by Hope at Hand, The Florida Division of Cultural Affairs and The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, who all work to better the community through art. 

“Art changes lives, really and truly. It helps people, it activates different centers of your brain, it makes you think differently, it opens your eyes up," O'Donnell says.

So grab a sharpie and start looking for the words within.