Hearty Appetites

BlackSheepBanhMi// by Devin Baker

Ever wonder where to find the biggest eats in America’s biggest city? Food Network’s Ginormous Foods has three answers.

Host Josh Denny came to Jax to tackle jumbo dishes from local restaurants in an episode which originally aired on May 19.

Denny dug into Beachside Restaurant & Seafood Market’s Sea Monster burrito, with five types of seafood stuffed into six tortillas. Next was Black Sheep’s Riduckulous Banh Mi (pictured), a five-foot baguette stuffed with duck meatloaf and veggies. Course three was the Full Tank, a three-pound sandwich loaded with beef, pork and cheese from GAS Full Service Restaurant in St. Augustine.

You can catch the show in reruns, or at FoodNetwork.com.