French Lesson

trip to the moon

// by Emily Bailey

In Paris at the turn of the century, magician and theatre owner George Méliès starting dabbling with movie-making. Known for special effects, Méliès had such an impact on the art form that some of his films, such as A Trip to the Moon, are relevant in the niché cinema community even today.

“There’s only a handful of silent films that still exist and Méliès remains a very famous filmmaker. He was a pioneer of both the sci-fi and fantasy film genres,” says Devan Stuart, communications committee director at Jax’s historic Norman Studios.

The Frenchman’s movies are the stars during Norman Studio’s next Silent Sundays event, A Méliès Medley. Five of his silent films will be shown at Hotel Indigo in Tapestry Park along with musical accompaniment. July 16. $5. Film begins at 4 PM.