Spill the Beans

turk-kahvesi-lokum-2// by Ali Waychoff

People drink coffee all over the world, but in Turkey, coffee has added cultural significance. United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) classifies Turkish coffee as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage.”

Beyond the title, Turkish coffee also has a unique brewing technique, quite different from your average American cup o’ Joe.

“It’s stronger than other coffee. When you drink it you feel like your brain is shocked,” says Meltem Altinas of the Istanbul Cultural Center, who will be giving demonstrations as a part of the Cummer Museum’s Art of Cooking Series event, “Turkish Coffee and Sweets” on August 3.

“People will be able to taste it, learn how to make it, know about where it came from and about the culture behind it,” Altinas says. $30- $40. 6-8 PM. cummer.org