The Old Ball Game

baseball// by Emily Bailey

The crack of a wooden bat as a baseball slams against it brings on a roar from the crowd. They cheer on players in turn-of-the-century uniforms representing their side of the neighborhood.

This is 2017, but this scene is reminiscent of one that very well could have taken place in Springfield as far back as the late 1800s.

“The very first baseball game ever played in Florida was played in Springfield in the late 1800s,” says Springfield Preservation and Revitalization executive director Christina Parrish.

Eleven years ago, two Springfield residents decided to carry on the tradition by starting a throwback baseball game. “It started out as a way to celebrate the Fourth of July with the neighborhood,” Parrish says. “Although a lot of people from outside Springfield come as well.”

The game is played by neighborhood residents and can get quite competitive. Spectators can enjoy food trucks or have their own cookout before viewing the fireworks shooting from Downtown after the game. Free. Klutho Park, July 4, 4-7 PM.