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INMOTION_2017_LROwner & Physical Therapist: Joanna Frantz, PT, MSPT, DPT

Physical Therapist: Luize Rossanez, PT, DPT

At In Motion Physical Therapy, Dr. Joanna Frantz and staff provide excellent rehabilitation programs in an encouraging and supportive environment. In Motion PT is designed for the comfort of our patients with private treatment rooms and a full-service rehabilitation facility offering physical therapy, aquatic therapy program, running performance program and massage therapy. All patients receive one-on-one care from a specialist, not an aide. In Florida, patients can receive physical therapy without a physician referral, which reduces cost and time lost for healing.

Dr. Joanna Frantz is a leading specialist in Movement System Impairment Syndromes (MSI) which focuses on restoring muscle balance, proper movement patterns and postural alignment. She helps her patients who are recovering from impairments such as joint replacements, back pain, postural difficulties and gait and balance disorders return to an active healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Luize Rossanez recently joined the practice building her patient cliental by evaluating and treating those with various musculoskeletal conditions including a focus on the spine and extremities. Her passion for treating chronic pain complements our Aquatic Physical Therapy Program.

Our Running Performance Program is designed for runners, triathletes and multi-sport athletes of all age and skill levels. We create specific injury prevention and performance enhancement goals. Each athlete will receive targeted performance assessments along with video analysis to maximize their sporting activities.

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