Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute


The Official Sports Medicine Provider of the Jacksonville Jaguars

Exceptional Orthopaedic & Rehab Leadership is found at Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute (JOI). Our comprehensive network for muscles, bones and joints is focused on your achieving and maintaining optimum health and fitness. JOI physicians provide complex invasive and non-invasive surgical procedures as well as pain management. JOI Rehab offers a full-range of comprehensive physical therapy throughout your journey with us.

Advanced Orthopaedic Care is easy to find out if you’re a candidate for our advanced services.

• Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement which treats large rotator cuff tears or shoulder arthropathy by artificially replacing the joint’s ball and cup to give the arm better mobility.

• Robot-Assisted Makoplasty™ (hip or knee) reduces healthy bone loss and increases range of motion with less recovery time.

• Needle Aponeurotomy treats Dupuytren’s Contracture by releasing restrictive cords in the hand to free finger movement with less recovery time.

• Hip Labral Reconstruction reconstructs the damaged hip labrum using a graft tendon.

• Biocartilage is a synthetic material used to help in the recovery of microfracture procedures of the ankle.

• ConforMIS 3-D Knee Replacement uses a 3-D knee scan to craft a tibial and femoral implant.

JOI Rehab is a regional leader and offers:

• Deep Tissue Laser Therapy to stimulate cellular healing for acute pain, chronic conditions or post-op pain.

• AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill reduces gravity’s impact (20-100% of body weight) for better rehab of an injury or surgery. As the region’s most respected name in orthopaedics, JOI’s board-certified physicians are proven leaders with the highest level of training and expertise. We are dedicated to delivering conservative and comprehensive, high quality exceptional care for your muscles, bones and joints to ensure the best possible outcome for your quality of life.

Exceptional Leadership

Proud Team Physicians for the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars since 1995, JOI physician and rehabilitation staff work closely with the Jacksonville Jaguars staff, athletic trainers, coaches, and players to keep the team fit and healthy – just like we work with you to meet your orthopaedic and rehab needs.

We have the experience it takes and are the Sports Medicine Provider for the National Arena League Jacksonville Sharks, Jacksonville Armada FC, Jacksonville University, FSCJ, and nine local high schools.


35 Board-certified Physicians

7 Physician Offices

10 Rehab Clinics 

2 Spine Centers

(Physicians L-R):

Maxwell W. Steel III, MD • Brandon J. Kambach, MD • Jennifer L.M. Manuel, MD • Gregory Solis, MD • Richard A. Picerno II, MD • Sunday U. Ero, MD • Stanton L. Longenecker, MD • H. Lynn Norman, MD • Richard R. Grimsley, MD • Michael L. Adams, MD • James Perry, DO • Brett P. Frykberg, MD • Michael Yorio, MD • Hiram A. Carrasquillo, MD • Bruce Steinberg, MD • Robert G. Savarese, DO • Gregory C. Keller, MD • Carlos R. Tandron, MD • R. Stephen Lucie, MD • Steven M. Crenshaw, MD • Kevin M. Kaplan, MD • Garry S. Kitay, MD • William G. Pujadas, MD • Carl Freeman, MD • M. John Von Thron, MD • David A. Doward, MD • Dale A. Whitaker, MD • Edward D. Young, MD • Timothy R. Hastings, MD • Steven J. Lancaster, MD • Kamal I. Bohsali MD • Nigel W. Sparks, MD • Scott McGinley, MD • Megan Manthe, MD • Gregory N. Smith, MD

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