Henri Landwirth Day: March 7

Henri LandwirthA city-wide Proclamation by Mayor Lenny Curry declares tomorrow, March 7, as Henri Landwirth Day. Landwirth is the founder of Dignity U Wear and Give Kids the World, a Holocaust survivor, war veteran, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

After WWII, Landwirth immigrated from his native Belgium to the U.S. and served in the United States Army. He moved to Florida in 1954 and spent 50 years in the hotel industry. He then founded the Jacksonville-based Dignity U Wear organization after visiting the Sulzbacher Center and found many people were in need of underwear. Landwirth started the organization, he has said, after surviving five years in several concentration camps from Auschwitz to Matthausen at age 13 to 18 with no clothes. He declared he didn't want people to suffer as much as he did. The mayor's proclamation is in honor of Landwirth's 90th birthday on March 7.

Dignity U Wear is a non-profit organization who helps children, families in crisis, homeless and veterans. To date, Dignity U Wear has given over nine million pieces of clothing to people in need. Jacksonville Magazine partners with Dignity U Wear for both a fashion show and Serving With Dignity luncheon in May.

More information on their website at dignityuwear.org.