Hide and Seek

IslandTreasures2In the early 1900s, commercial fishermen often used colored glass floats as markers and to keep their fishing nets buoyant. Sometimes, the floats would break loose and wash ashore, becoming prized souvenirs for beachcombers.
Jekyll Island’s annual Island Treasures event gives visitors better odds of finding one of these collector’s items. Volunteers known as Beach Buddies hide replica glass floats around the island in January and February. If you find one, it’s yours to keep. On February 4 and 25, additional floats are hidden, increasing hunters’ chances.
We’re told some tips for finding one: They’re always in plain view in public spaces—never in dunes, marshes or on private property. Some of the Buddies’ favorite spots to hide floats include St. Andrews Picnic Area and Beach, Great Dunes Park and Jekyll Island Miniature Golf. A map is available at jekyllisland.com.
Each float is one-of-a-kind and created by artists around the country. If you find one, take it to the Guest Information Center and receive a certificate of authenticity and artist biography.