Tales of the Peculiar


San Marco Books And More invites the community to celebrate Loop Day with Miss Peregrine and her Peculiar Children in San Marco Square. Join the bookstore on September 3rd for a multi-holiday celebration and the release of Tales of the Peculiar, the newest addition to the Peculiar series.

Peculiars and normal people alike will delight in this unique party in the heart of San Marco. In the series, the inhabitants of a “loop” live each day over and over to protect themselves.  However, when the calendar day matches their loop date, the Peculiars celebrate every holiday on that day.  So, be prepared for Christmas trees, Easter eggs, birthday candles and more during this all inclusive holiday celebration. The party includes Miss Peregrine merchandise and themed treats, the chance to mingle with other peculiars, a costume contests for all ages, giveaways, and more.

For fans of Ransom Riggs’ intriguing series, Tales of the Peculiar, is available for pre-order through San Marco Books and More now: visit Eventbrite or call (904) 396-7597. $24.99 for a copy of Tales of the Peculiar and entry. $5 entry. 11 AM-2 PM. sanmarcobookstore.com.