A Voice for the Bears

wagner_consummatum est

The Florida Wildlife Commission is currently considering a 2016 bear hunt. In an effort to open a conversation about authorized bear hunting in Florida, local artist Madeleine Peck Wagner who was motivated by the idea of "compassion being extended between animals and humans," will be displaying new art in an event entitled “Bear Baiting.”

“While looking at these images with grinning hunters propping up their trophies, I found myself wanting to grant the animals a modicum of dignity. Then I began thinking about the Buddhist idea of sky burial, and the suggestive language around that idea," she says. “So I thought if I took as my reference these disturbing images, I could somehow transmute them into something that gave the bears’ deaths meaning, through the act of making and the conversations that will hopefully ensue.”

The event will be held at BREW in Five Points (1024 Park Street), April 3, 4 PM-7 PM and will feature a collection of drawings from Wagner as well a commentary on last year’s bear hunt. The display will remain up until April 28, and will be available for viewing during BREW's normal business hours.  madeleinewagner.com