Jim Breuer is a Marriage Warrior

Breuer OFFICIAL photo (CR Gregory Pallante)Comedian Jim Breuer, known for his impressions of Metallica's James Hetfield and actor Joe Pesci, his years on Saturday Night Live and his role the film Half Baked, is currently on his Marriage Warrior Tour, doing stand-up comedy centering on his life as a father, husband and heavy metal fan. He’s performing at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall on March 9, so we got a chance to ask him about his comedy, his busy life and what a marriage warrior might wear.

We heard you say on your podcast that you partly got your start doing stand-up in Florida. Have you performed here before?

I haven't been to Ponte Vedra, but I've been pretty much everywhere else. I've been to Jacksonville. Every major city I've pretty much been to, but I haven't been there—which is why I'm excited to go there.

So what can people expect from your show when you get here?

It's a lot of family stuff. I've been married for 23 years, and when you've been married that long, you're a warrior, man. You've been in battles, and you can help others. You should have like a tattoo and a warrior jacket with a patch that says how long you've been in it.

Any advice for staying in a marriage that long, then?

It’s all communication, baby. When you figure out that communication you start laughing. I think women struggle with expectations. You can’t expect anything if you want a solid marriage. You have to tell all. Just assume he’s dumber than a rock. Just get right to it. It’s no different than a business.

Tell us a little about your podcast.

I have two. One's called Jim Breuer Mets and More, which I pretty much did during the baseball season. It's a little bit of baseball and more of my home, family life. And then there's The Metal in Me which comes out every Monday. That one is geared to be a lot funnier. It focuses a lot more on career stuff. We have guests on that show, and I'm always doing bits and sketches and game shows. You don't have to like rock, and you don't have to like metal. It seems to be resonating with everyone.

The cool thing about the Metal in Me podcast is two of my band members are on the show. We get along so well. A part of the Metal in Me is a reality show—we take you to every step: me going in the studio, recording with Brian Johnson [of AC/DC], and then I talk with the director of the first video. I always wanted to hear that from a band, what they're like when they’re just hanging out.

You have a band? I didn't know that you're a musician.

Lots of people didn't, including me. [Laughs] I wrote a bunch of songs, and had them for 15 or 20 years and now I'm putting it out there. I got a real record label, I got a real producer. It's pretty legit.

Do you sing, or play guitar, or what?

I sing.

Are these songs comedy songs? Or serious ones?

There's maybe one song, two tops, that are blatantly funny but the rest is straight-up songs. If you come and see my stand-up, it leans heavily into family. Blue collar, dirty, gritty, everyday very fine details of what goes on in your life. I cut right to the gut. I cut a little deeper into parenting and I get more into the harsh reality stuff. But without cursing, without being vulgar or being dirty and filthy. My album is very much like that. One of the songs is called "Raising Teenage Girls." But the videos are all funny.

"Raising Teenage Girls" sounds like it could be a pretty metal song.

It's rock. I wanted it to be a lot heavier. My producer [Rob Caggiano of the bands Anthrax and Volbeat] said, "Moms are not going to buy real heavy metal. They'll buy this." And I said I'll compromise, and I'm glad I did. I learned so much about music. It's all about the producer.

So will there be some musical performances in your show in Ponte Vedra?

No, that's all stand-up. You may get some impressions and stuff like that. But there's not going to be a band with me. When the band goes on tour it'll be called Jim Breuer and the Regulators.You're going to know if you're going to see the comedian or the band.

When will that start?

The first official date is in July. But I've got a funny feeling we've got some dates popping up in May or June. The album will be out May 27 everywhere.

Anything else you think our readers should know?

I would say this: if you’ve never seen me live, I’m a thousand percent guaranteeing you, not only will you not be disappointed, but you’ll say, "That’s the hardest I’ve ever laughed at anybody in my life."

That's a big statement.

It’s a big statement but I pretty much can guarantee it. I crush people and I love it. And when people see me live they come back and back and back. They’re in it for life. I can’t wait to be in that room.