Growing Trend


Each November, men are asked to grow mustaches (or, for those among us who cannot grow majestic facial hair, to get some form of exercise every day) to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues. It’s called Movember, and its participants have raised $650 million for causes like prostate and testicular cancers and mental health since 2003 by simply giving up the razor for 30 days. Sounds easy, right? It is. Kind of. To do it right, there are some rules. Movember Jax, the local chapter of the Movember Foundation, keeps spirits high throughout the month with events including a St. Johns Town Center bar crawl November 14, a party at the Jax Beach Mellow Mushroom November 25 and the Movember Wrap Party December 5.

• Rule One: “Mo Bros” must register on, either as an individual or a team.

• Rule Two: Each participant must begin the challenge with a clean-shaven face.

• Rule Three: Mo Bros must grow and groom their mustaches. “Keep it trimmed and neat as it begins to grow in,” says Wayne Bettis, co-leader of Movember Jax. “Until it gets really full, you at least want the shape to resemble a mustache.”

• Rule Four: No beards, no goatees.

• Rule Five: Mo Bros must use their mustaches to start conversations with family, friends and coworkers about men’s health and to help raise funds for the cause. “The first couple of weeks of growing a new mustache will generate questions from friends, family and co-workers,” Bettis says. “I've always used these questions as a platform to discuss Movember, its goals and why it's important to me.”