Highlights from the IKEA menu

Architectural Rendering of Proposed IKEA Jacksonville (Opening Fall 2017) - hi


Now that Jacksonville is joining the ranks of cities with their own IKEAs—the best cities, in my opinion—it's time to start thinking about how that's going to affect us. When you think of food you can get in an IKEA, your first thought is probably Swedish meatballs. But IKEA serves a lot more than meatballs, and surprise! Most people find the food from this décor megastore pretty darn good. Here's a list of some of the foods you might be able to find at the Jacksonville IKEA come fall 2017.


Breakfast is served from 9:30 to 11 AM. A plate of eggs, turkey sausage links and hash browns will run you $1. Also on offer are items like French toast,  bacon, gravad lax (dill-cured salmon) and a bagel, Swedish pancakes with lingonberry jam and organic steel-cut oatmeal.

Lunch & Dinner

Surprisingly, you can get a healthy lunch inside a giant furniture store's cafeteria. The chicken with corn and black bean salad is only 275 calories; a plate of hot smoked salmon with bean salad is only 460. Alternatively, the entrée of BBQ baby back ribs with fries and cornbread is 1650 calories so maybe share it with a friend. Other items include roasted cauliflower and sweet potato stew with brown rice, chicken tenders and fries, spinach and cheese crepes, and yes, Swedish meatballs—made from your choice of beef, chicken or veggies.


A simple, cute slice of chocolate cake costs $3.49, but there are many more interesting, European-style desserts on the IKEA menu. Perhaps you'd like to try an elderflower cupcake, an oat pastry with coconut sprinkles, Swedish apple cake with vanilla whip or cream cake with marzipan.