St. Augustine Distillery Gets Into the Rum Biz

St. Augustine Distillery Rum Discovery Series

St. Augustine Distillery unveils its rum program with its Discovery Series. The first series will be available to the public Thursday, September 3rd at the Distillery’s gift shop.

The St. Augustine Distillery releases the first in its new "Rum Discovery Series" on Thursday, September 3 in their gift shop, located on Riberia Street in downtown St. Augustine.

The Discovery Series is a group of limited release expressions, created during the development of the Distillery’s flagship rum. Each one has been fermented and distilled on-site from select regional sugarcane syrups and molasses in copper pot stills and then barrel-aged for a distinct flavor profile.

“Our Director of Production, Brendan Wheatley, asked if, in order to make the best possible rum, we would allow him to create a series of 500 case allotments over the course of four months,” explained Philip McDaniel, co-founder and CEO of St. Augustine Distillery. “This will help him ‘dial-in’ the best combination of sugar sources and distillation techniques for a first-rate final rum recipe.

"We wanted our customers to have the unique chance to experience each of these different recipes as we refine our flagship rum," McDaniel continued. "This opportunity is very unique and only available at a craft distillery like ours.”

The next three sets in the series will release in October, November and December, and Wheatley's final product, the distillery's flagship rum, will be available in January 2016. Try them all out and let us know: which one do you like the best?