First Lady


by Kerry Speckman // photo by Agnes Lopez

Last month, Molly Curry was a “typical” stay-at-home mom. With three children (Boyd, 10, Brooke, 8 and Bridget, 6), she spent much of her time cooking, cleaning and shuttling the kids between baseball games and dance recitals. As of July 1, the former CPA still holds the position of chief cook and bottle washer of the Curry household, she’s added another title to her purview: First Lady of Jacksonville. When Molly’s husband Lenny defeated incumbent Alvin Brown in the May general election for mayor, she found herself even more in the public spotlight than during the campaign. In this, the first article specifically focusing on her, she’s getting a taste of what life will be like for the next four years—photo shoots and writers asking questions that have little to do with politics…like the last book she read (The Girl on the Train), her favorite band (Dave Matthews Band) or what she wanted to be when she grew up (a teacher).

• As a “PK” (“preacher’s kid”), Molly moved often as a child. Born in Melbourne, Florida, she spent many years in New Orleans and eventually settled in Fort Myers.

• In addition to the three kids, the Curry family includes two cats (both rescues), two hermit crabs and four chickens. After the city ordinance was passed, the family bought five chicks, only to realize after a very early wake-up call, one was a rooster. “The kids love them. They’re really more like pets,” she says.

• Molly met Lenny when she was relocated from Tampa to Jacksonville, after her accounting firm merged with his. They’ve been married 11 years.

• While she was unwavering in her desire to show support for her husband during the campaign, Molly and Lenny decided early on their kids were their top priority. “We are committed to keeping their lives as normal as possible,” she says.

• With Lenny in office, Molly wants to use her platform to promote local causes, especially those helping underprivileged children.

• Her hobbies—when she can find the time—are working out, reading and participating with a group of friends in the Jacksonville Historical Society’s Gingerbread House Extravaganza (beginner’s tip: Jolly Ranchers don’t make good windows in the Florida heat).

• When asked to describe his wife in three words, Lenny says: “smart,” “tough” and “happy.” Molly described him as “hard-working,” “big-hearted” and “passionate.”