Married to the Game

michaela LR

Being married to the coach of an NFL team is a bit like being a military wife. Just ask Michaela Bradley, who has become accustomed to picking up and moving across the country, depending upon where her husband, Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley, lands the next job. “If you’re in this industry, and you think you’re going to be in the same place for a long time, you might be sadly mistaken. It’s unpredictable but we try to enjoy the moment. Whatever is down the road, we’ll cross that bridge once we get to it.”

• Michaela first met Gus at North Dakota State University, where they are both alumni. “I had just finished college, and he had come back to work as a position coach. Years prior, he had coached my brothers as a graduate coach at NDSU. My brother said, ‘You’ll never guess who’s back at NDSU—Gus Bradley.’ I said, ‘I’ve got to meet that guy. He’s the happiest guy ever and I’ve got to figure out what makes his life so great.’” Pretty soon after, in 1997, the couple went on their first date. They’ve now been married 17 years.

• Michaela and Gus have four kids: Carter, 14; Anna, 12; Eli, 11 and Ella, who is six. “Football doesn’t consume them to the point of making or breaking their day. When their dad comes home, we talk about their day, not their dad’s day.”

• Michaela is deeply involved with the Jaguars Women’s Association, an organization of coaches’ and players’ wives, as well as female Jaguar employees. “The goal is to do a lot of outreach for the community and give back. It’s something I’m passionate about and I’m surrounded by great women in the group.”

• “I teach group fitness at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club as well as Ponte Vedra Fitness. My degree is in corporate fitness. I’m a stay-at-home-mom, but to have something to call your own is hugely important. Football is awesome, but women have to have their own identity, too.”

• The Bradley brood has a handful of favorite eats in town, and especially loves seafood. “We love to eat everywhere, but we go to North Beach Fish Camp all the time.”

• The couple spends a lot of time fishing on the Intracoastal. “My husband always says, ‘When you get out in a boat, you’re forced to have conversation,’ and it’s so true. Just last week, he and I went out by ourselves. He was surprised I wanted to go fishing but if it means I can spend time with him, uninterrupted, without our phones, I think that’s great. And we didn’t catch a thing.”