Kingsley Plantation

Kingsley plantation

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It was a moody, rainy September day. Kingsley Plantation drew us in with its white, tabby slave hut walls, leading us to its grander wooden beams and out to the low country water ways, beyond the oak and palm swept property. In the distance, a heavy growth of ferns, palms and Spanish moss covered land once laden with indigo fields. As the oldest plantation house in Florida, years of history, turmoil, sadness, family and wealth breathes here. Stories of Zephaniah and Anna Kingsley, indigo, slavery, wars and freedom beckon to ears that will listen. We wandered the property, toured through the plantation home, saw flamingos in the distance and hid from a rain storm. We did our best to soak up the history there and left wanting more. It felt like a different time and a hidden, secret place. A place so worthy of time - to be beckoned by its history, to be surrounded by its beauty and to listen to its many weathered stories of the past.

Visiting Kingsley Plantation