Bold City Pops

Bold City Pops-3It's always exiting news when a new food truck hits the local Jacksonville radar. Especially when it is a cute little caravan overflowing with hand made, small batch, local Floridian fruit filled popsicles.

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Bold City Pops

Bold City Pops is a brand new farm to freezer inspired venture, curated by owners Suzanah Raffield and Rhonda Ryan. Their mission is to make and deliver fresh, seasonal fruit filled popsicles to the city of Jacksonville via their sweet little vintage trailer and their more versatile, environmentally friendly pop-cycle.

The popsicles are hand made in small batches using only fresh, seasonal fruit. There are no dyes, artificial flavorings or fillers of any kind and only organic simple syrup is added if sweetener is needed. Even better, where possible, the fruit that fills the pops is lovingly hand picked by Suzanah and Rhonda.

So far, I have been lucky enough to enjoy two delicious popsicle varieties from Bold City Pops (try the Strawberry Clementine!). Each time, Suzanah and Rhonda have been so excited to share their favourite flavour combinations with me and have gladly and proudly shared stories of the joy of picking fresh fruit for their pops from a special source of near by fruit orchids and farms. I'm told that currently the orange, blueberry and dewberry pops come from fruit that has been locally hand picked. It's very clear - these two ladies have a passion for popsicles.

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Bold City Pops joins a short list of other well known local businesses to share a similar name. When asked about the reason behind the Bold City reference, Suzanah happily explained.

"Jacksonville's town phrase is, 'the bold new city of the south.' So, starting the business in Jacksonville, it was an easy pick. But more than the city's motto, Bold City can be anyone's home town. There are so many amazing folks living in cities around Florida. They are courageous people with stories we want to get to know. So, Bold stands for our city, the people in it and the fabulous flavor our fruit delivers."

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Suzanah, a 6th generation Floridian, also went on to mention the role that the community of Jacksonville and her and Rhonda's Floridian heritage has on the ethos of Bold City Pops.

'My dad is a fisherman and boat builder. He made our pop-cycle in his boat building shed. We want our business to represent farmers and craftsmen and women who take pride in their trades. We believe in community and collaboration and are looking forward to working with and selling to the good people of Jacksonville.'

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Bold City Pops-19Georgia enjoying a Bold City Pop from the pop-cycle outside of Cowork Jax

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Bold City Pops daily locations can be found through social media:
Instagram @boldcitypops
Place a 10 pop order or more and they will deliver to your office or school. Bold City Pops are also available for weddings and parties of any kind. Their pops pair beautifully with adult beverages creating a pop-tail with enhanced flavors as it melts.