Guest Obsessed


Welcome to thehoneydeux’s latest series installment, “Guest Obsessed”!

"Guest Obsessed" will feature friends with tons of creative swag that we are absolutely fanatical about. To kick-off our series, we are currently obsessing over local graphic designer and fashionisto friend, Chad Landenberger of  You might recognize his one-of-a-kind designs popping up all around Jacksonville and beyond.

We’ve known Chad for a few years and while others try to ride the wave of every single trend that sweeps through Jax, he has never strayed from his impeccably clean, honest and timeless sense of style.  From the tips of his well-manicured facial hair (that you can't help but want to run your fingers through…oh dang!) to the soles of his urban southern gentlemen’s footwear, you can always count on him to remind us that men’s drop-crotch pants are NEVER okay and will always look like soggy Depends. BELIEB that!

Get to know the man behind the beard while we chat over beermosas during a muggy Sunday in Five Points.

chad1OUTFIT 1:     Shirt: Joe Fresh     Jeans: Uniqlo     Boots: Cole Haan     Backpack: Poler Rolltop

chaddoubleroofOUTFIT 2:     Shirt: Uniqlo    Shorts: H&M 




OUTFIT 3:     Shirt: SPoT    Pants: Ezekiel Jogger Pants    Shoes: Nike Rosche Run     Backpack: Poler Rolltop

album chad3


What are your favorite stores in Jacksonville for clothes?

I’m pretty frugal when it comes to shopping and I rarely buy something at full price so you could say I’m a bit of a bargain hunter. Some of my regular places include Nordstom Rack, J. Crew outlet, H&M and Ross when I’m shopping around town. Also, just because something’s on sale doesn’t mean you should buy it, those neon green sweatpants you bought last year aren’t doing you any favors.


What's one staple item every guy should own?

Every guy should have a good pair of boots. It’s something you should drop some coin on because they will last you for years and years. A good pair of boots are a staple because you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion and they look better as they wear in.


Got any beard grooming tips?

My beard has grown on me over time so I’m quite partial to it. My advice would be grow it out, but keep it trimmed. I usually trim my beard about every 3 to 4 weeks right after I get a haircut. I fluff out my beard with a comb and using an electric razor with no guard I take a lot of small passes over it to shape it. It’s better to take a lot of small passes instead of one heavy pass. Beardbrand beard oil is rad too, it makes it nice and soft and smell good too.


Do you draw outfit inspirations from your own designs?

Yes and no. If I see a really cool T-Shirt with an awesome illustration on it I wish I designed I may pick it up. I usually just wear things that are comfortable and fit me well in style and size. I like classic looks mixed with a bit of what’s contemporary or trendy, except sandals, sandals are dumb.


Lastly, what is your usual design process?

A sketch book and beer is a great combination. I pretty much start all of my designs, illustrations or typography with a pencil sketch. From there I take a photo with my phone and use that image as a basis for the final version which I usually create on my iMac. I primarily use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop but I’ve been using Manga Studio for digital illustrations lately. You can see more of my work at and follow me on Instagram and twitter at @clandenberger to see more of my works in progress and hear me rabble on about things.