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DHG Wealth Advisors
245 Riverside Avenue, Suite 410A, Jacksonville, FL 32202 • 904.296.2140 dhgwa.com   
Describe your practice.
Our relationship with clients is built on trust and service, not on volume. We have a deep understanding of our client’s personal financial picture including their investments, taxes, insurance and estate plan, and provide a comprehensive coordinated approach relative to the clients most important needs. We act as a fiduciary in all client relationships which means that every aspect of the wealth management process will always be in our clients’ best interest and compensation will be fully disclosed.
Describe your customer service model.
Our clients are serviced by an advisor, dedicated client service associate, and–for most–a dedicated accountant through our parent company DHG. Bill is available to meet with client in
person as needed, at least quarterly.
Who is your ideal client?
We specialize in clients that need comprehensive guidance with regards to their finances. Many of our clients come to us for guidance during life transition events such as the death of a spouse, divorce, retirement, or a job change. We currently teach a class at UNF’s Adult Education Program on how to successfully navigate these transition events.
What is your investment philosophy? 
The principals of Modern Portfolio Theory guide our investment philosophy. MPT also offers a proven way of mitigating risk and dampening volatility, which is critical for capital preservation. We emphasize low-cost asset class investing through open-end mutual funds.
Describe your risk management philosophy? 
Portfolio imbalances result from outperformance of one asset class over others in a client portfolio. When our clients experience these imbalances relative to their original investment targets, we make an unemotional decision to sell a portion of the asset that has caused the imbalance and reallocate to our clients’ original target.
Do you offer financial planning? 
We review all aspects of our client’s financial picture thoroughly and develop a customized plan that best suits their financial goals, tempered with their tolerance for risk.
Describe your cost structure for your services and how it relates to value?
We are a fee-only advisor. Our cost structure is a percentage of assets under management. Our services provide our clients peace of mind and high level of professional guidance. We do not do any commission business.
Bill Laird, CFA,® CFP™
Financial Advisor 
Bill is one of only 1,300 individuals nationwide to hold both the Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP™) certification and Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation. Bill serves DHG Wealth Advisors as a Financial Advisor and  also as a member of the firm's Investment Policy Committee, helping shape the investment and service experience for our clients nationally. He has 16 years of experience in the wealth management industry including four years as a portfolio manager at a major commercial bank where he managed over $1 billion in equity and fixed income assets for trust, individual, charitable, and corporate clients. Bill and his wife, Michelle, have lived in Clay County since 1999 and have two children.
Tricia Highfill   
Administrative Assistant
Tricia is a veteran of the financial services industry, having worked in wealth management and accounting services. Tricia has worked for Dixon Hughes Goodman since 1998 working within the firms Wealth Management and Retirement Plan Services divisions.