Corner Taco in Historic Five Points

I realize you may be flooded with reviews of Corner Taco already, but I'm here to give you mine. My review starts back a couple of years ago when I was considered one of the "truckies." You know those local gourmet food trucks we have in town? I was absolutely obsessed with them! My friends and I would reserve a day once a week to search for their pop-up spot for the day. During that time, I fell in love with the shiny silver air-stream we all reminisce as Corner Taco. I wasn't the only one who fell in love, their business did so well they were able to open up a brick and mortar place in the lovely 5 Points area of Riverside. photo2photo1 (1)Corner Taco's physical location has quickly been put on mine and my husband's date night list spots. We know what we want and it always come to us fast and delicious. The owner, Chris, always remembers who we are and is one of the kindest guys. It's attitudes like that, where they publicly thank their guests, that make me want to return more than once a week. Now let's get onto the eats. It's known as semi-swanky street food. Meaning there's a flare to what could be in your mind, just a taco. These are not just tacos! Each tortilla is made in house, along with a lot of the other menu items. Making most ingredients in house gives you that quality and freshness that also makes you want to become a repeat customer. Not only are they made in house, but they use local ingredients as much as possible!photo4

As much as I absolutely love their buttermilk friend chicken taco and their jerk chicken taco, I've fallen in love with their daily specials. Daily special tacos are always $2.50 My favorite so far has been the fried Mayport shrimp taco with white corn puree. (yum yum)photo6

If we're extra hungry we'll always order either chips and their slow roasted salsa or chips and guacamole. Remember, I said making most of their stuff in house, that's not excluding their guacamole. This stuff I could eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. photo5

My husband is usually the one that when we go out always gets something different. Not at Corner Taco, he has to always have the same thing. He likes it so much! His meal of choice is their Dyno-mite Nachos. Adding in whatever meat you'd like, he always get buttermilk fried chicken. It's a four pound dish filled with juicy flavorful chicken, brie, and sweet chili lime sauce. Every time I think, wow that's a lot of food, he'll never be able to finish it. And he does every time.photo3

If you haven't been to Corner Taco yet, I highly encourage you to sit down and eat at this local gem that had us all reevaluate the potential each food truck could hold. A success story you want to tell every time you bring a guest with you. Oh and the shiny silver air stream, she's still around going to events in the city. Take advantage of your neighborhood and get yourself out there!

Amanda Gibson