San Francisco - The Mission District


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The Mission. It's a fragrant place. The air is filled with wafts of burritos and fresh graffiti paint. Everything is vibrant - the hibiscus, the houses, the alley walls, people's innovation. The history is present and the freshness is rife.

Of course, my agenda was food driven. I inhaled the bread pudding, drank the finest of chocolate and shared a feast of Eastern European fare. Cultures are mixed and so very welcome here. Flavours are too.

It's a real place. An open table kind of place. The kind of place that serves up everything you imagine a hip San Fran to be. I would live there if I could. I'd work at Bi-Rite where you would find me happily arranging the flowers, sneaking fresh figs into my belly and taking lunch breaks in Dolores park.

That would be nice.


To Eat:

Tartine Bakery - Try the raspberry bread pudding...

Craftsman + Wolves - lovely for lunch.

Dandelion - Chocolate!

Bar Tartine - Eastern European Cuisine.

Bi-Rite Market - Groceries / Picnic food

Bi-rite Ice-cream.



To Do:

Dolores Park - Take a picnic and enjoy the view!

Valencia St - lovely, never ending independent stores.

Heath Ceramics - showroom and store for local handmade ceramics.