Solomon Ventures

One of my favorite vacation spots is Asheville, North Carolina. Last time I was there, there was one place that I absolutely fell in love with. It was called, Amazing Savings. It was a quirky grocery store with shelves filled with natural/organic/gluten free/usually overpriced items for cheap! Usually, when a grocery store has a damaged box, they throw it away, even though the product itself isn’t damaged. Well, Amazing Savings ended up selling that perfectly good product (but damaged box) for cheap. I came back to Jacksonville wanting a place exactly like Amazing Savings. It took awhile for me to find out, but we do have a place like it! It’s called Solomon Ventures. I almost didn’t want to share it, but I felt it was my duty to share this true hidden gem with you.


Solomon Ventures is quite a unique place. As their tag line says, “Where shopping is an adventure.” It truly is an adventure as you walk through each aisle. Through furniture, candy, dressings, cereal boxes and the list goes on and on. Oh and that list is constantly changing as each day they get new stuff in. I walked each aisle and kept saying, “This place is amazing!” I felt like I had been cheated by my favorite, Publix. The deals can’t be beat. Almost all grocery items are between .50 and $5. Seriously, Amazing. I’m addicted!


Let me tell you the finds I’ve purchased from here so far. Most recently: a six pack of blood orange Pelligrino, sides of gourmet rice and couscous, different types of spices that I’d find in World Market, Almond milk, chips I usually buy at Whole Foods, Amy’s lentil soup, hand soap, toothpaste and tons of kitty food! Tons of name brand stuff that would typically cost you $5 would cost you a $1 here. There is also a lot of specialty items geared towards our vegan, gluten free, and vegetarian friends. Now we did say “adventure,” so view it as just that. Some days you’ll find a cart full, and other times you’ll find just a handful. The reason why I love going every week? I love finding something new each time. Also, we did say “quirky,” so when you pass by a bulk amount of Jimmy John’s sandwich wrap paper, laugh hard and maybe buy it.


I feel as if I’m sharing a secret with you. It’s a secret you can share, so please do. Take some friends with you when you go in, because adventures are always better when you have someone by your side. Solomon’s has been around for quite some time, and their employees are extra nice. The first time I went, I told the cashier and she asked how I heard about them. I told her online and she was so taken back and said, “We’re on the internet?” Ha! I don’t think she even knows they have a Facebook! I’d love to see their likes on their page blows up, so if you’re reading this check it out and click your virtual thumbs up. Solomon’s is located 1650 Art Museum Drive. Oh and if you go, invite me for goodness sakes!



Amanda Gibson

Photography by Morgan Burden