Best Facial Ever (no, seriously)


I've done roundups of skincare and beauty products in the past but today, I'm offering up something a little different. I had a facial last week that absolutely transformed my skin. It was dewy days later, seemed a bit more plum, and my eyes appeared lintless. All in all, I looked, somehow, brighter. It's all thanks to a new facial at Bluemercury—The SkinCeuticals Facial. The 50-minute procedure includes a minor glycolic peel (it's pretty mild, so it's unlike most heavy-duty peels) and layers upon layers of vitamins, antioxidants and fruit acids. There are no extractions—instead, your face is just massaged and pampered. The whole thing ends with a blast of oxygen all over your face, so your pores are clean and tight. It was seriously the best facial I've ever had, and I will certainly going back for another before the limited-time-only procedure expires August 31.

The cost ($95) is pretty paltry compared to the results. Book your appointments soon. Thank me later.