Brew Five Points

Not sure if it’s the Northwestern in me or my overly zealous love for black coffee, but when I heard five points was being graced with a new coffee shop I was more than just a little excited.

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Brew Five Points is opening with the mission of selling craft beers and fine espresso. With inspiration coming from cities like Austin, New York, and Chicago Jake and Jason’s vision for Brew was to provide Jacksonville with an equal focus on coffee and beer, hence the name Brew. They will be providing only espresso drinks and cold brew coffee, no flavored syrups or additives to the drinks. As of now they are serving Bold bean, but will begin rotating out different roasters from around American, expanding Jacksonville’s craft roasters and embracing this new wave of American espresso. And lets not forget about the beer! With as much care going into their beer selection, you will find none other then the best to choose from. Brew will be focusing mostly on canned beers, but will have a small selection on tap as well as a few beer cocktails that will rotate in and out. These cocktails are classic spins, using beer instead of liquor. Some of these you’ll have to try, the Moscow Bull a spin off the the classic Moscow Mull and a Brewmosa (beer and oj anyone?). And don’t worry if you are neither a beer drinker or a coffee sipper—they have over 30 bottles of craft sodas to choose from. The choices are endless.

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Along with your drink though you’re going to need something to munch on, so how about a piece of toast? Now I know what you’re thinking, but this is not your normal everyday toast. With both Community Loaves and Dig foods (two of our local favorites) coming together to provide some the best and local ingredients you can come by, you’ll be hoping for seconds soon after your first slice. Offering three different selections right now you can choose from Goat cheese, kimchi jam and arugula on a rosemary garlic bread (my favorite), a currant rye toast with butter and calamondin marmalade, and a wheat toast with butter and a dark chocolate-pecan spread. All are fantastic and will change with the season to reflect what are the freshest, and most available ingredients.


Now I know I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the drinks and food, but it would be a discredit not to mention the feel and design of the overall space. Jason’s work with Content Design Group did it again. The space is clean and simple and somewhere I know I could sit and talk with people for hours. The prefect amount of color, and neutrals, rustic and modern elements. You’ll have to stop by and see it for yourself.

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Overall I couldn’t be more excited for Jacksonville to have such an awesome space. When I asked Jack why he decided to make this idea a reality here in Jax instead of a larger city this is what he had to say, and I’ll leave you with this.

“Jacksonville is our home and it’s our mission to make it a better place to live and play. When we travel around we look for the kinds of places that inspire us and make us want to come back. We’re always taking notes and paying attention to what works. Our ultimate goal could be said to make our place and Jacksonville more of a destination by creating the kind of place people remember. We do this by creating a memorable experience through service, design and a commitment to quality. Jacksonville also has a great sense of community. We’re a big city with a small town feel and there’s a lot of shared respect and camaraderie among the folks who are doing things to make where we live more interesting and delicious!”

Happy to have you here and glad you love Jacksonville as much as we do!