Homes & Homies

Homes & Homies

Home sweet home! Thehoneydeux is branching out to our friends'  hoods to feature some of our favorite Jacksonville hideaways. Being the apropos wordsmiths we are, we're deeming it "Homes & Homies." Go figure.

For part one of our home series, we visit Chris and Daisy's adorable Avondale bungalow. It's the perfect blend of kitschy, cozy, and cool. It's anything but over-the-top, and just quirky enough to get you thinkin', "Where DID you get that?" Fact is, it was probably handmade by either one of these creative chameleons. Local musician/coffee connoisseur Chris (of Tambor and Tropic of Cancer) and craft extraordinaire Daisy are beyond talented. Organic elements intertwined with modern furniture pieces make for an impressive space. Their attention to detail is impeccable yet completely approachable. Between the Mid-century woodworkings, Bold Bean burlap curtains, and vintage space heater turned earring holder, this home is a DIY-er's dreamland.

Living Room

Inspirational Pillow

DIY Side Table

Dining and Living Room


Table and DIY Chandelier




Coffee Station


Chris & Daisy


DIY Desk





Pyramid Planter