Bold Bean Coffee Roasters at Jacksonville Beach

So, Bold Bean Coffee Roasters has made quite the statement in our city. They’ve added “bold” to our bold city like no other. If you don’t know what or where Bold Bean is I’m going to take a good guess that you’re not venturing out of your own four walls!! If you’re an avid follower of Somewhere in the City, you know how much we love Bold Bean, because it’s our back drop to almost all of our people of the city interviews. Everyone we know has their drink of choice and almost everyone we know calls Bold Bean a second home. It’s added to the community, created an environment to meet the community, and hightened everyone’s awareness of what good, locally roasted coffee is. So, what’s with the post? Why are we AGAIN pouring out our love for Bold Bean? Because, bold friends, they now have a second location. They’re in their first month over in the Jacksonville Beach area. Oh, and get this, they’re where the old Starbucks use to be! Walking in and seeing your favorite local coffee shop expanding and doing business well is a beautiful thing.

I had the same word on repeat the whole time I was there: “gorgeous.” The place is truly stunning. Subway tiles, white washed boards, and mint color accented in the chairs and lights. I couldn’t stop swooning over the place. They’ve kept a theme going, but this place is unique all on its own. Content Design Group and Industry West had a ton to do with the look of the build out in this location. Again, I couldn't be more impressed. Not to mention, their drinks are consistent with their original location. We could go on and on and on about their coffee, their baked goods, the heart behind their business, where they get their beans, but to be quite honest, we’d rather you go there yourself and ask the questions. You’ll fall in love, just like us.

Find them at  2400 3rd street S. in Jax Beach!mg_8946boldbeachmg_8945boldbeachmg_8934boldbeachmg_8943boldbeachmg_8931boldbeachmg_8930boldbeachmg_8923boldbeachmg_8938boldbeachmg_8940boldbeachmg_8921boldbeach


Amanda Gibson

Photography by Amanda Lenhardt