The Volstead

I'm excited to share this post with you guys so you'll be able to go get a drink tonight after you read this. I know the joys of having your favorite watering hole but I do ask, go downtown and check The Volstead out soon! I was able to head there one night with some friends and grab an array of drinks of their menu. Never being to Volstead before, I didn't quite know what we were walking into, but that made the experience even better. The Volstead is downtown’s newest bar, and – even better – it’s laced with history with being a prohibition style place. Flapper dresses, interior design, and all.


As soon as we walked in, we were greeted with a retro style living room with lots of natural light. If we didn’t have some place to be, I could sit down and lounge while watching silent films on that retro television. That somewhere we had to be was right behind a curtain. I’m sure glad I didn’t lounge because behind that curtain held exposed brick, elegant designs, a wonderful staff, and delicious drinks. Live music played as our surroundings put us all in character. We sat and watched a black and white movie projected on the wall behind the lounge band. The atmosphere puts you in that time in history and has you start asking questions. Our bartender was well versed, polite, and knew his history.

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The atmosphere, design, attire, and location I could continuously rave on about, but that would be nothing if it didn’t equal yummy drinks. They find the best ingredients they can and their menu consists of drinks you’d find in the prohibition era as well as versions of their own.

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We enjoyed many cocktails off their Classic menu. While they were delicious I had my eye on a signature cocktail. I knew I wanted it before we left that night. Featured above is Sliced Bread. They call it that because as you would have guessed, it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Fresh Strawberries, basil, Basil Hayden, and a splash of cranberry juice. With that list of ingredients and the taste, I had to agree with the name they gave it.


The highlight drink of the night had to be Baked Apple Sazerac. It put on quite the show before it hit our lips. Apple, cinnamon, bulleit rye, moonshine, and a touch of absinthe. It was beautiful and I’d order it ten times more just for the excitement in making it.

This is one cool place to be, and I’m happy to say you can find them downtown. Thank you guys for adding to downtown! Their website offers a ton of information especially on the whole prohibition era.  While you’re on the site, take a look at the array of drinks they have to offer. After you decide on your drink, take yourself downtown and visit all the fancy staff at Volstead. Don’t forget to give them some social media love.

Amanda Gibson

Photography by Amanda Lenhardt