Pit Stop: Robert is Here - Florida City, Florida

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Heather: What started as a 6 year old boy selling cucumbers has grown into a rite of passage for everyone making the trip down to the Florida Keys. Robert is Here, named after the signs Robert's father put up when his son first started, is a fruit stand and farm. But not just any kind of fruit stand. In addition to a plethora of exotic fruits, you'll also find local honey, nuts and other nonperishables, canned vegetables, and more. Plus the farm animals in the back, of course.



The store also features an infamous fresh fruit milkshake counter, where lines can reach up to 30 minutes long (don't miss out on the key lime milkshake!).


Robert is Here

If you buy a mango, be sure to walk up to the counter and have Robert himself cut it up for you.


Robert is Here - Farm Animals

Once you've had your fill of the fruit stand, walk outside and check out the animals in the back!



Robert is Here is the perfect pit stop before driving down to the Keys.

Heather Bailey