Aardwolf Brewery

If you haven't been to Aardwolf Brewery in San Marco yet, let me just say, I'm ashamed. It's such a beautiful place - so beautiful  that, when I got married 6 months ago, I decided I really wanted to have my reception there. So I'm going to throw in some photos in from my wedding day.

Craft beer is taking over Jacksonville, I'm absolutely positive. I couldn't be more happy. Not only is craft beer taking over, but these local breweries are doing it well and successfully. Let's take a moment and highlight Aardwolf. First, what the heck is an aardwolf? An aardwolf is an animal looking very similar to a hyena. Its name translates into "earth wolf." Aardwolf Brewery's location in San Marco on Hendricks was built in 1927 as an ice plant. In 1954, it became a tile company. You can note the tile still left on one side of the building. Aardwolf took over construction and officially opened their doors in the fall of 2013.


If the large tap room, banquet hall, beer garden, or friendly staff doesn't get you, their beer will. They have around 20 different craft beers on tap, many made right where you'll be drinking it. If you're not a beer drinker but love the environment, grab a white or red wine. They'll gladly tell you that food is not their specialty, that's why most weekend nights you'll find a food truck in their parking lot. If a food truck isn't there, or if it's not your fancy, grab some food from San Marco and eat it there.

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I'm telling you, this is an environment you'll want to be in. The Aardwolf crew has done such a wonderful job adding to San Marco and bringing life back to an old building. Be sure you're following them through social media outlets and on their website. 

Amanda Gibson

Photography by Morgan Burden