I Dream of Jeannie Tour of Cocoa Beach, Florida

Heather: The theme song is still one I hum to this day. I Dream of Jeannie was a sitcom that ran from 1965-1979, although my memories are from reruns on Nick at Nite. Recently I was reminded of the ties to Cocoa Beach, FL (it has admittedly been quite some time since I’ve watched it). Alex and I decided to visit some of his family and seek out the I Dream of Jeannie related spots of the area.

The show is set in the Cocoa Beach and Cape Kennedy area but was filmed in California, so you won’t find any TV sets or house museums dedicated to the series. There are no pamphlets or guides for Jeannie fans, so we explored on our own. Although the spots are few, it still makes for a fun half day activity to get outside the den!

Stop #1 – I Dream of Jeannie Lane

This street was named in 1996, and is next to the entrance for the Lori Wilson Park. Take your picture under the street sign that commemorated one of actress Barbara Eden’s visits.

Next to the I Dream Of Jeannie Lane sign is a historical marker that was installed in 2012.

Stop #2 – The Ocean

Let’s be honest, you can’t be that close to the ocean without taking some time to appreciate it. So take a walk along the sandy beach and enjoy the moment.

Stop #3 – I Dream of Yogurt

Alex: No other place in Cocoa Beach really embraced its inner genie like I Dream of Yogurt. This frozen yogurt shop has all the trappings of the self-serve Fro-Yo craze right next to the beach at the end of 520, with a delightful twist.

Memorabilia and posters from the show line the brightly colored walls, all lime green and bubble-gum pink. There is even mounted TV playing the actual show, so we got the chance to enjoy our frozen yogurt mixes while watching Larry Hagman try and outwit the deviously powerful Blue Djinn.

There was plenty of variety in both flavors and toppings. Everything tasted very fresh, and all of the yogurt flavors were pleasantly distinct. However, the real reason to come in is to enjoy the fabulous atmosphere.

Stop #4 – Visitors Bureau (“Tourist Info Center”)

Heather: When we entered the Cocoa Beach Chamber’s tourist center, we were greeted by a big pink genie lamp. Sadly it was blocked by an arm chair and plant – we would have loved the chance to properly pose with it.

This is also where we picked up a copy of the Cocoa Beach Discovery Map, which featured a cute illustration of Jeannie.

Stop #5 – Space Shuttle model at the City of Cape Canaveral building

Another photo opp, we thought it fitting to include a reference to Major Anthony Nelson’s career.

Stop #6 – Air Force Space and Missile History Center

Inside the Air Force Space and Missile History Center (free entry, donations encouraged), you’ll find historical displays related to each Launch Complex at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. We really enjoyed looking at the exhibits, which ranged from oral histories to control panels and asset vehicles to launch photos.

At the LC-43 display, you’ll see a couple of photos of Barbara Eden, who pushed the button to launch a weather rocket during her 1969 visit to the area. In the gift shop we saw a copy of Barbara’s autobiography, Jeannie Out of The Bottle.

A larger collection of I Dream of Jeannie memorabilia is behind the security clearance area on the base, and not open to the general public. However, the museum volunteers occasionally lead tours to the site, so be sure to call ahead for availability. (You can tour that collection here.)

Stop #7 – Rocket City Retro 

The last stop on our I Dream of Jeannie tour! The outside walls of Rocket City Retro feature a collection of wall art, one of which is a homage to our chosen TV show! Unfortunately the shop was closed on our visit, but it looks like a great place to recreate the look of the Nelson house!