Cocktail Couture

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in a really cool event. Cocktail Couture is an annual design competition sponsored by the IIDA (International Interior Designers Association), where area design professionals create outfits out of materials more often seen in corporate office buildings—wood, metal, carpet—than on a runway. The resulting avant-garde ensembles were showcased on the runway at The Garden Club of Jacksonville last week and they were pretty spectacular. Products assigned to teams included items such as: carpet materials, wall coverings, furniture, upholstery, tile, wood, solid surfaces, lighting, marketing materials, and more. Teams were required to utilize at least 85% of the manufacturer’s materials in the presentation.

The April 16 event was themed “An Organic Experience,” and even the runway backdrop utilized recycled materials—those oversized white flowers you’ll see in the background? Those are made out of architectural drawings.

All of the entries from the eleventh annual event will be showcased in the May issue of Jacksonville Magazine, so if you're local to Jax—be on the lookout. Here are some iPhone pics from the show!

Major contouring action going on....


Yup. That's a bird's nest in my hair! 


Finishing touches...


My awesome team! We won for "best representation of evil" and the dress was made out of cubicle panels and chair samples.