Wedding Season: What to Wear to a Spring Wedding (and how to stand out doing it)

Wedding trends may come and go, but Spring and Summer weddings will always be popular (according to a survey conducted by and, June is the most popular month for weddings). If you're like me, then the wedding invites and Facebook engagement notifications have already started piling up. There's no doubt about it, weddings are fun—thanks in large part to the dancing, drinks and mingling—but getting dressed for a wedding? That can be tough.

Most women see weddings as a challenge: how do you dress your best without looking overdone? Even when couples announce attire suggestions in their invites, it often involves more than simply pulling out that one dress that matches the color motif... Just what exactly is "resort casual," anyway?? And what should you wear to a wedding on the beach? Or not on the beach, for that matter?

If the invitation doesn’t make any mention of the attire for the wedding, but it's taking place during the afternoon, it's a safe bet that the attire is "Semi-Formal," and doesn't require a ball gown. Take some inspiration from current trends. Many brides look towards the colors of spring and use them to create the themes of their weddings. Similarly,  you could also play on the colors of spring flowers to help you decide what to wear. Here’s a quick guide on spring flowers from M&S:

And here's how those gorgeous bouquets can translate into an ensemble...

Spring Semi-Formal Wedding


Formal Evening
If you're heading to a black-tie affair, don’t just throw on a cocktail dress. A good rule to abide by: wear something that can compliment a tuxedo, but isn’t overly dramatic (rule number one when it comes to weddings: Don't upstage the bride). A long evening gown with finer details usually does the trick. Pair it with simple heels, minimal jewelry and a nice throw or evening jacket (to ward off any evening chills).


Black Tie Wedding

Dressy Daytime
While laid-back spring weddings should be a piece of cake to dress for, dressier daytime weddings leave several people in a conundrum. Nina Callaway of the network recommends looking towards the guests who attended the Royal Wedding for inspiration. In some cases, a nice hat can really take your outfit from casual to sophisticated. In other cases, hats just look out-of-place. Go for a cute dress, with dressy flats and a daytime clutch (one without any heavy beading or embroidery). Nix the heavy makeup in favor of a soft, pink lip and save the smokey eye for nighttime. And seriously, how cute is this clutch?


Daytime Wedding