Shoe Cam: Capturing Your Soles

At our Cover Model Fashion Show last Thursday, fashion lovers lined up to have their shoes photographed on our mini red carpet for the first official outing of the Jacksonville Magazine Shoe Cam!


What is the Shoe Cam, you ask? Think of it as a miniature "step and repeat," a way to showcase your footwear style (and a reason to get that pedicure before stepping out). All you have to do is stand in front of the screen and put your best foot forward. (I think this might be a foot-related pun world record-winning post.)


Look for the Shoe Cam at the most fashionable events in Jacksonville. This Wednesday, April 11, Kerry Speckman is snapping shoe shots at the International Interior Design Association's Cocktail Couture fashion show ( Be sure to look for her. And wear your best shoes, of course.