Here at the Jax Mag offices, we're always curious to see what our beautiful publication looks like outside in the real world. So, we've launched a new social media campaign, #snagjaxmag. We want to see how our readers #snagjaxmag—whether it's on the beach, at their desk, at a cool spot somewhere in the city... show us! All you have to do is upload an image to Instagram or Facebook of your latest copy of the magazine, along with the has tag: #snagjaxmag. We'll share the images on our social media channels and you might even end up in a future issue of the magazine....

Here are some of my personal #snagjaxmag pics, via Instagram (btw—if you aren't following me, why the heck not? I sometimes host giveaways and stuff, so you should totally follow me. And follow @jacksonvillemag, while you're it!):




And here are some posts by our readers and our trusty editorial intern, Erika, who snagged an entire stack of Jax Mags for her #snagjaxmag shot: